Friday, November 11, 2022

Canada has more immigrants than ever, Census data shows

CBC News: The National shows that new census data shows almost a quarter of Canada’s population were or are immigrants or permanent residents, setting a new record. If the trend continues, immigrants could represent 34 per cent of the population by 2041, according to Statistics Canada.


  1. The National is indeed remarkable. The increasing number of immigrants and permanent residents in Canada, reaching almost a quarter of the population, signifies the nation's diverse and multicultural fabric. As Canada's demographics evolve, it becomes crucial to address the changing healthcare needs of these communities. nursing case study sample that explore culturally sensitive care and strategies to provide equitable healthcare access could greatly benefit healthcare professionals in adapting to this changing landscape.

    1. The huge numbers are indeed increasing of the numbers of immigrants and permanent residents in Canada. The way it is done should be good for the economy.