Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Geese crowd in the rain

The rain was really pouring down heavily on this day. Geese sure eat green grass in the rain. Geese walked slowly and sometimes shakes off wet water. A goose might slip and fall on slippery surfaces, they walk carefully. It is sure harder to fly in the rain.

Geese on sidewalk in the rain

Dozens of beautiful geese walk together on the sidewalk in the rain. I wonder if geese would be more comfortable walking on green grass than on the pavement. Cars stop and wait while geese cross the road, as though they are pedestrians. The rain was pouring down heavily at this time and you can hear the rain.

Geese in the rain

Fantastic geese stay close to each other when the rain pours. It looks like they are enjoying the rain. Smart geese walk slowly and sometimes shake off the water.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Dog Raised By Cats And Now Thinks He’s A Cat

This interesting dog is pretty original. Mako is not just a regular dog. The dog was adopted when he was a puppy. He grew up later with several cats. Some may joke often that the dog never realized that he is actually a dog. It's funny to think that it is certainly like cat software installed in dog hardware. The cats are probably aware that this dog doesn't behave like other dogs.

Epic battle between Mute swan and Canada geese family

You will be amazed at this epic battle between Mute swan and Canada geese family. It actually seems that the male goose, the gander, was actually distracting the swan and drawing the swan away from his mate and his babies. It risked its safety. When a bird wants just to get a gulp of water is a certainly different issue.

Fox ignores swan (HD 720p)

Swan approaches smart fox, but he completely ignores him. It is quite interesting how the fox ignores the swan. Observe fascinating animal weird behaviors.

Cutest Funniest Goat Compilation

Everybody certainly loves watching cute and funny goats. Take a look at this amazing brand new compilation. Funny Pet Videos brings you the best cute animal compilations. You may actually realize that goats are underrated.

Construction: Toronto: New Westminster and Centre

There is some interesting useful construction going on in Toronto at New Westminster and Centre. Interesting construction and concrete forming is happening. More concrete floors will be built. In the future, another functioning big tall building will be standing here.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lions 360° - National Geographic

What an amazing animal education video - Lions 360° - National Geographic. For a young male lion, growing up can be a struggle. This VR film, by National Geographic Explorer Martin Edström, shows you amazing lions up close. The life of the pride’s alpha male is pretty interesting. Take a look at how these animals fight for survival.

The lion (Panthera leo) is a species in the family Felidae and certainly a member of the genus Panthera. The Lion is the most recognisable for its muscular, deep-chested body, short, rounded head and round ears. The beautiful Lion also has a hairy tuft at the end of its tail. Lions are certainly a social species, forming groups called prides. A lion pride consists of a few adult males, related females and cubs. Groups of female lions usually hunt together. The lion is an apex and keystone predator, although some lions scavenge when opportunities occur. Unfortunately, some lions indeed have been known to hunt humans, although this happens rarely.

Most often, lions inhabit grasslands and savannas. Usually, lions do not live in dense forests. In the Pleistocene, the lion ranged throughout Eurasia, Africa and parts of North America, but today it has been reduced to fragmented populations in sub-Saharan Africa and one critically endangered population in western India.

Lions have been listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 1996 because populations in African countries have declined by about 43% since the early 1990s. It seems that the cause of the decline is not fully understood. However, habitat loss and conflicts with humans are certainly the greatest causes for concern.

Lions are often depicted in sculptures and paintings, on some national flags, and in contemporary films and literature. Lions have been kept in menageries since the time of the Roman Empire.

Interesting Lion Hybrids exist. In zoos, lions have been bred with certain tigers to create hybrids for the curiosity of visitors or for scientific purposes. The liger is bigger than a lion and a tiger, whereas most tigons are relatively small compared to their parents because of interesting reciprocal gene effects. The leopon is a hybrid between a lion and leopard.

Funniest Dogs and Cats - Awesome Funny Pet Animals

Funniest Dogs and Cats - Awesome Funny Pet Animals Life Videos. Enjoy the fantastic great new funniest and very cute compilation. Just try not laugh at these funny weird animals. This video of animal life will satisfy you indeed. Great cats are definitely the most popular pets and awesome animals, these days. Dogs are awesome, despite their differences. Dogs and cats have things in common sometimes. It's interesting how animal breeds differ by size, features, and color temperament. Some animals in this video will really surprise you by the way they act.

Cutest baby animal moments

You will enjoy watching these fantastic cutest baby animal moments. Nature is really very beautiful. Watch all these creatures and be entertained much. Sit back, relax, enjoy yourself and laugh at adorable animals.

Crazy Goats Doing Funny Things

What amazing funny sound goats make. It sounds sometimes surely like a dog and a turkey. Sometimes they sound like a heavy metal scream, funny. Crazy goats will entertain you. You will be satisfied after watching this, definitely.

Funniest Confused Pets Compilation

See the best amazing funny videos on the internet. These funny pets will really satisfy you. They truly are Funny Pet Videos - best cute animal compilations, indeed . Take a look at interesting dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, lizards, rodents, bugs, spiders, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, foxes and more other animals.

More Best Cute Funny Animal Videos

This video certainly has all of the cutest and funniest amazing doggos and cattos. See fantastic exciting animal friends. This will make you laugh. Sit back, relax and have a good satisfied time.

Funny Raccoons, Squirrels and Other Animals

You will enjoy watching these amazing fantastic funny Raccoons, Squirrels and Other Animals. These beautiful entertaining animals are just too funny. It's almost impossible not to laugh, for most people.

Most Hysterical Screaming and Fainting Goats

These amazing goats are hilarious and hysterical animals. See a funny bunch of floofz screaming and fainting. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughter. You have probably have never seen goats like these beauties.

Funniest Unlikely Animal Friendships

You will be satisfied with watching the funniest unlikely cute animal friendships. The monkey holding the cat is a pretty funny situation, indeed. Sometimes it looks like the funny cat is not safe with the monkey. The dog holding the door for the little dog was certainly just the cutest and most interesting thing.

Friday, July 31, 2020

If These 15 Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It

This is like a story that was so outrageous that you simply couldn’t accept that it was true. Nowadays, cameras are certainly often used. Take a look at these amazing moments. If these 15 moments were not really filmed, no one would believe it. Sit back, relax and enjoy this entertainment.

Proof that Farm Animals are funnier than cats

You will probably laugh at every single funny moment with these amazing farm animals. They are very funny, adorable and cute. These hilarious moments are certainly surely proof that farm animals are funnier than cats.

You wouldn't believe these animals if they weren't recorded

You will enjoy looking at all these cute funny animals playing and fighting great battles with shoes. Beautiful Cats and dogs really like to mess with those shoes. These are pretty funny, ridiculous and very cute. You will not believe some of these amazing funny moments - what a show.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cutest baby animal moments

See fantastic cutest moments of the amazing entertaining animals. They are pretty cute and funny. You can see a fun dove pretending to be a peacock. If you are in some kind of a bad mood, this will really cheer you up well.

Funny Pet Videos - Cutest Goats

See some of the funniest animal pet moments around the internet web. See fantastic dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, lizards, rodents, bugs, spiders, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, cows, foxes and many more hilarious animals. They are definitely such cute and funny animals that surprise you.

Hysterical Dog Moments Caught On Camera

Funny Dogs will amaze and entertain you in fantastic Hysterical Dog Moments Caught On Camera. These fantastic satisfying priceless dogs moments will bring a smile to your face, certainly for sure. Lovers of funny dogs will sure enjoy this and will want to see more.

Never Forget Funny Animals

You will really never forget these funniest hilarious animals. It's too funny for everybody to watch and be satisfied. You will see some of the most interesting funny moments. I can't imagine anybody swinging into power-lines. The girl who dropped the crab is pretty funny. The lady's reaction when the old man started singing is certainly funny.

Goats and Sheep are the funniest animals

Some people think that sheep and goats can't make them even laugh. But, these hilarious animals can make people laugh. Their fails are just truly unforgettable. Just do watch all those sheep and goats who do super funny things that entertain. They aren't just "farm" animals, you know. They are something more special, they entertain.

Goose and Gull Recover After Eating Dumped Prescription Pills

Huntington Beach Park looks certainly like a beautiful place. The Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach posted photos of the hundreds of pills that were found in the park. People do often gather in the park to watch the wild birds around the lake.

The joke is that when the birds get very high they think that they are flying (without leaving the ground). The birds didn't know what they were eating when they ate the overdose. A goose passed out with its legs straight in the air, funny.

Sheep vs Swans - lambs want to see the cygnets

Sheep vs Swans with lambs and chicks - this is pretty interesting. A beautiful floating swan looks great in a pond. The birds sometimes have their nests close to farmers that keep sheep. Sheep vs Swans will show you what happens when sheep certainly get too close.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo

Check out these unbelievable interesting Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo! See various exotic animals on the run: lions, rhinos and others. This top 10 list of zoo animals escaping their enclosure will amaze you, entertain you and make you think about animal escape possibilities.

Surrounded by White Lions - 4K 360° VR

This is a pretty cool exciting video: Surrounded by White Lions. You can really see them from all different angles and places. A greater screen allows you to see all around yourself for great viewpoints.

Try Not To Laugh : Funny Animals Trolling Humans

You could Try Not To Laugh, but it will be difficult. Funny Animals Trolling Humans are some of the most hilarious fantastic moments. The amazing dog was pretty good playing music notes on the piano - fascinating.

Cute baby animals moments Videos Compilation

All these amazing fascinating animals are very cute. Although, some might think that wild animals belong in the wild. You will be satisfied and entertained watching these great hilarious animal moments.

Funniest Farm Animals Home Video Bloopers

These are great fascinating funny animal moments: Funniest Farm Animals Home Video Bloopers. You should definitely check out these brand new moments of favorite hilarious farm amazing animals. It's filled with all kinds of favorite bloopers and reaction moments of Cows, Goats, Horses and many other animals.

15 Times Animals Messed With The WRONG Opponent

Karma happens to humans and even to animals. Take a look at fascinating karma in the animal kingdom. A tiny dog could have tried to successfully fight a bigger dog. See dogs, antelopes and all kinds of other animals that messed with the wrong opponent. See which animals take on which other animals.

Best of Fainting Goats - Funny Goats Videos 2020

You will enjoy these amazing moments of funny fainting goats. This will entertain you and thrill you.

Oddest Friendships Between Animals

It's pretty interesting to take a look at Oddest Friendships Between Animals. Take a look at Animal Odd Couples. See real wild animals. Fascinating wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin sets off on a worldwide journey of discovery to find out why animals of different species make great friends with each other. There is even a discussion about why apex predators make friends with some humans.

An apex predator is also known as an alpha predator or so-called top predator. This is defined as an animal predator at the top of a food chain, without natural predators. Apex predators are usually defined in terms of trophic dynamics, meaning that they certainly occupy the highest trophic levels.

The trophic level of an organism is the position it occupies in a food web chart. A food chain is a succession of organisms that eat other organisms and may, in turn, be eaten themselves. The trophic level of an organism is the number of steps it is from the start of this important fascinating chain.

In the natural sciences, an apex predator is a predator that certainly exists at the very top of the food chain chart. Unlike some certain other predators, it's never preyed upon itself. Examples include polar bears, black bears, lions, crocodiles, orcas, killer whales, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs and other similar animals.

Funny Cat Toy Reactions

Take a look at interesting awesome cat reactions to cat toy and other toys. You will definitely enjoy these funny laughable moments. Cats are amazing animals.

More Beautiful Birds: Canada Geese

Birds are on their nest on a lovely day. Geese waddles are cute. The beautiful birds are fascinating. The waterfowl genus Anser sure includes all grey geese. It belongs to the so-called true geese and swan subfamily. The genus has a Holarctic distribution, with at least 1 species breeding in any open, wet habitats in the subarctic and nice cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in summer.

Deer Licking Cat

The fascinating deer is licking the cat. This is pretty unbelievable and entertaining. Funny, the cat looks like it is enjoying this. You can sure see by the face of the cat when the deer licks it. It's interesting that the deer likes this kitty.

Hissing Goose Wants More Food

Lots of people like to feed the birds like geese and ducks. Birds can be comfortable with coming close to people. However, the nice birds will hiss when they think people are too close. It's possible that geese will hiss if you don't have any more food for them, like you usually have food that is eaten. Not all geese will make a honking noise every time.

Geese Protecting Their Nests

Take a look at amazing hissing geese that protect their nests. These wonderful geese are pretty beautiful and amazing. It's true - geese can be fussy, sometimes. These pretty birds are pretty intelligent creatures. Geese will crack you up - they can be funny.

The most Canadian way to get rid of bears

This is pretty funny and entertaining. Take a look at the fascinating "the most Canadian way to get rid of bears." The joke is that Canadians would probably ask politely for the bears to leave the area. In the USA, they would probably get the shotgun sooner or other guns.

Sleeping Canada Goose in San Diego

Take a look at an interesting sleeping Canada Goose in San Diego. Watch closely and observe with attention to see if the funny goose is really sleeping. Many fascinating birds like to sleep with their head on their bodies and their webbed feet tucked beneath their bodies. This good position helps them to remain warm. Here are some nice birds that do this: Canada Geese, Mute Swans, Trumpeter Swans and Mallard Ducks.

Hissing Goose in a Flower Pot

Watch an interesting display of a funny hissing goose in a flower pot. Sometimes funny geese look like they really want to hiss, but forgot how to do it. This flower is really pretty strange. This plant might be scary for some to watch.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Funny geese at intersection in Toronto

Funny fantastic geese walk around at intersections and sidewalks in Toronto in nice warm weather. They are not afraid of humans or other animals. They walk slowly and carefully. They don't fly away from people. Rarely, geese chase after people. Somewhere, these geese have nests. They bend down their long goose necks to drink from water puddles on the asphalt. Sometimes, they walk on the green grass and usual ground. Sometimes, they walk in the parking lot, pedestrian lanes or around buildings.

Funny geese near tables outside in Toronto

Funny entertaining geese near tables outside in Toronto are interesting. They were walking around empty tables and benches, like they own the place. Some of the bank branches in the area are always closed. Some of bank branches are open with shorter hours. Geese are big birds that walk on the roads, sidewalks, grass and near benches and tables. They walk kind of slowly and carefully and they are not afraid of humans. They are not spending energy to fly in the air. This slow walking helps them rest and relax. It is a beautiful warm weather day for these beautiful relaxing birds.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Uber stock price (NYSE:UBER) gained 20% in May 2020

Fortunately, shares of Uber (NYSE:UBER) gained 20% in May 2020. The stock gains have much to do with "better than expected" first-quarter sales. There is also the direction of the wider market. However, for the month of June 2020, uber stock decreased. The ride-sharing market seems to be rebounding from challenges created by the novel coronavirus Covid-19. Uber company is sure trying to increase Uber market share. Some of the top competitors of Uber are: Lyft, Ola, DiDi, Grab, Bolt, Yandex.Taxi, Gett, Curb, Bird and LimeRoad.

Many customers are thinking about whether to use Uber or Lyft. Uber stock (NYSE: UBER) did fall (as many other stocks also fell) since early February after the WHO declared the Coronavirus Covid-19 a global health emergency. Lyft stock (NASDAQ: LYFT) fell even worse than Uber at that time. The spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic certainly had a negative impact on the global stock market and on the ride-sharing market.

More people became confined to their houses because of lockdowns. Some people became more fearful about sharing rides with other people. Uber Eats has continued to create food deliveries through the pandemic. Customers could tell drivers to stay far away and distance themselves. Packages of food could be left near the door.

Uber certainly has better exposure to international markets than Lyft. Uber seems to have outperformed through the pandemic situation. Lyft has a relatively cheaper valuation.

Uber Technologies Inc is a massive ridesharing company. The official website is uber.com. It is an American multinational ride-hailing company offering useful services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a micromobility system with electric bikes and fantastic scooters. The CEO is Dara Khosrowshahi (From Aug. 30, 2017). The stock is UBER (NYSE). The company was founded in March 2009, San Francisco, California, USA. Founders of Uber are Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.

Subsidiaries of Uber are:

Uber Eats
Uber International C.V.
Rasier LLC
Uber India Systems Private Limited
Mighty AI, Inc.
Geometric Intelligence Inc.
Portier LLC
orderTalk, Inc.
Post Intelligence Inc.
Xchange Leasing, LLC
Rasier-CA LLC
Uber India Technology
Uber Germany GmbH
Uber Works, Inc.
Complex Polygon, Inc.
Uber São Paulo
Uber Advanced Technologies Group

App-based ride-sharing service Uber has certainly had its fair share of controversy since it launched in Canada in 2012. Using Uber's lower-cost option could result in savings of 20 to 50 per cent over regular taxi fares.

Funny Cat Meows Aggressively, then Attacks

This funny cat has pretty loud meowing. It also hisses and attacks. The cat might not like you at first, but later it can become your friend. Hopefully, this cat doesn't scratch and bite.

Deer Crashes Through Hair Salon

This deer really crashes through the hair salon. What an unbelievable animal. I wonder if it thought there was an empty space to run through instead of a transparent glass. Deer breaks into salon. Everyone thought, "oh deer." Amazingly no one got hurt. Deer smashed into glass window. It took a heavy hit. A deer like that might shut down a hair salon. Coronavirus might shut down a hair salon.

The white-tailed deer is the most common deer roaming North America. In the USA, there are an estimated 30 million active deer. The MNR estimates that Ontario, Canada has a deer population of 400,000 (just in that Province alone).

Funny geese on ice

Funny gees on ice are pretty amazing. They are being fed some food. They can sure walk around on ice. The feathered friends are enjoying themselves.

It's possible to help ducks and geese weather the bitter cold of winter by giving them some additional attention when the temperatures drop. Geese and ducks are cold hardy and resilient birds. However, (as farm animals) they have some special needs once winter rolls around.

And as long as there is open water, geese can be submerged in cold temperatures.

Sometimes a flock of Canada geese sleeps on a frozen lake. It seems like a cold place to sleep, but some geese do it.

Cyclists chased by a funny ostrich

This is interesting in South Africa. The Cape Argus Tour is one of the biggest cycling events in the world. These people are practicing riding on bikes. This big bird is amazing. The ostrich didn't have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat. This is amazing.

An ostrich is a fantastic flightless swift-running African bird with a long neck, long legs, and two toes on each foot. Amazingly, it is the largest living bird, with males reaching an average height of 8 feet (2.5 m).

An ostrich is also a nickname for a person who refuses to face reality or accept facts. For example, "don't be such an ostrich when it comes to security systems."

The bald eagle is Canada's largest big bird of prey.

The Amazing Paradise Flying Snake - Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

This amazing snake hunts by flying through the air from forest treetops. Some could say that it is not really flying. It is kind of just falling with style. Regular snakes weren’t scary enough. Snakes sure have evolved to different levels. The cameraman created amazing footage here. These flying snakes are indeed impressive.

There are 5 recognized species of flying snake, found from western India to the Indonesian archipelago. Knowledge of their fascinating behavior in the wild is limited. However, they are thought to be highly arboreal, rarely descending from the canopy. The smallest species reach about 2 feet in length and the longest grow to 4 feet.

These are the top venomous snakes in Canada:

The northern pacific rattlesnake - also known as the western rattlesnake, in British Columbia.
The massasauga in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario.
The prairie rattlesnake in southern Saskatchewan and Alberta.
The desert nightsnake, certainly a rare species found only in the southern Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment

Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment like never before. The company provides unprecedented real-time visibility into user actions, customizable controls, and the ability to stop commands pre-execution without the need for human intervention. Cmd’s aims to allow its customers to get ahead of potential breaches and block malicious attackers without blocking business. The official website of Cmd is cmd.com.

It's interesting to be able to track & control users in Production Linux. It is truly a powerful yet lightweight security platform for fast-moving teams, providing real-time access control and dynamic policy enforcement on every possible Linux instance in your cloud or datacenter.

It is built for Linux in Production.

With the interesting cloud you can build, deploy, and operate software faster than ever before. You don’t have to protect it with slow-moving solutions originally built for desktop admins. Cmd is optimized for agile teams operating high-performance, high-velocity, high-scale Linux important environments.

The benefits:

Vaultless Privileged Access
Enforce privileged access without disrupting your users.

User Attribution & Compliance
Easily identify who’s using shared and privileged accounts.

Monitoring & Incident Response
Real-time threat detection based on MITRE ATT&CK.

Built for Modern, Agile DevOps
Designed with the modern developer in mind.

Built for Modern, Agile DevOps
Designed with the modern developer in mind. Cmd works with popular practices and tools to be a seamless part of the DevOps experience.

Cmd is sure one of the best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020. It has an interesting ability to deliver unparalleled visibility and control into Linux systems and users for the whole of information security and DevOps.

Cmd was founded in the fascinating city of Vancouver, Canada. They have offices in Canada and the USA.


Vancouver HQ
British Columbia, Canada

Massachusetts, USA

San Francisco
California, USA

Cmd is sure one of the most interesting Canadian tech companies to watch in 2020.

How Beavers Build Dams

How beavers build dams is pretty interesting. You can sure leave it to beavers. The story of beavers in North America is interesting. See their history, their near extinction, and their current comeback as modern day so-called eco-heroes.

There are various reasons why beavers build dams. Beavers, of course, are compelled to build dams. Much research has revealed that beavers build dams near the sound of rushing water. Of course, they build dams to provide habitat and protection for their young. It may be surprising to some, but not all beavers build dams. They really need an area to build their lodge, like a riverbank. They need food and access to mates. Water allows them to escape from predators.

Amazingly, it takes a beaver about 20 minutes to cut down a 15 cm wide aspen, by gnawing a groove around the trunk in an hourglass shape. A beaver's jaws are so strong and powerful they can cut a 1.5 cm sapling in one bite.

Beavers are pretty intelligent. They are nicknamed, "Nature's engineers." Beavers are responsible for changing the landscape of wherever they live. Beavers had more safety back in the days before they were exterminated for their fur by humans.

Beavers can actually help reduce the risk of dangerous flooding lower down in river systems by building dams and moderating water flow. The modifications made to the streams can raise the water table locally, creating important wetland areas to the benefit of biodiversity.

The pursuit of beaver pelts from the Maritimes to the Mackenzie Valley led to the important exploration of vast regions of North America. When the fur trade first initially started, it is estimated that there were six million beavers living in the area of what is now Canada.

Man knocked down by charging deer

This amazing viral video shows the shocking moments when a Charlotte man is run over by a deer outside a McDonald's. The charging deer knocks the man to the ground before running off. The man took quite a hard hit. It seems that the man did not even see it coming to him. Some people might joke that deer are now getting revenge for people hitting them with cars. What an unfortunate event to happen near McDonald's. I guess it could happen anywhere. People should watch out for animals that are running in their direction.

Man vs. Canada Goose

This is a pretty interesting battle between a man and a Canada goose. The people laughing are funny. They probably have seen that goose fight people before and knew what the man was walking towards the goose already. This goose was full of purpose. Geese sure can chase people and hiss at people. It's funny how he swings a newspaper. You would be laughing a long time after watching this man's situation. Canada geese really are amazing animals.

Angry hissing goose - funny bird

Interesting geese mate for life and work together to protect their young, as seen here. Angry hissing geese are pretty funny birds. You should definitely watch this. These birds can really walk anywhere. Canada geese sure can hiss at you if they want to.

Geese Parade in Belgium (Gentse Feesten) (Ghent Festival)

These geese are kind of similar to Canada geese. They walk well on various roads and pedestrian roads.

This is something interesting that is seen during the Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festival).

The Gentse Feesten is an interesting music and theatre festival in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Besides stage events there are street acts such as funny mimes and buskers. The summer festival starts on the Friday before the third Sunday of July and lasts until and including the fourth Sunday of July.

The 2020 Gentse Feesten will begin on Friday, July 17. It ends on Sunday, July 26.

The Ghent Festivities are 10 days when the city goes wild and fun. Additional measures have been taken because of coronavirus Covid-19. In the interest of public health & safety, the Belgian Government has taken a series of additional measures on March 13th to slow down the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. These measures have been relaxed from May 4th.

It is an interesting sparkling cultural popular festival with numerous performances of various national and international artists. It is a unique event in Europe. Music performances are interesting. There is street theatre, exhibitions, animation, fairs, parades and more.

You can only go up the tower of St Bavo’s Cathedral during the Ghent Festivities. You could negotiate the stairs and enjoy the magnificent view of this unique party for the people in the heart of Ghent. At other times of the year, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Ghent from directly beneath the golden dragon, Ghent’s mascot, on the Belfry tower opposite. Explore even more areas of fantastic Ghent.

Swan family controls traffic in Denmark

Svaner stopper trafikken.
Svanefamilie har slået sig ned på gaden på Christianshavn.
De får lov til at ligge lige så længe de har lyst, også med politibeskyttelse.

A family of swans take a break from the traffic - in the middle of the road on Christianshavn, Copenhagen. They're not in a hurry, so of course they get a police escort! And all is well that ends well. This is original and refreshing. Amazing beautiful animals are these.

In Denmark, most people speak the Danish language. German is recognised as an official regional language in the Nord-Schleswig region that borders Germany, where it is spoken by 23,000 people, about 0.4% of the 5.2m Danish population. The Kingdom of Denmark has only one official language: Danish. Danish is the national language of the Danish people. However, there are several minority languages spoken, namely Faroese, German, and Greenlandic. A large majority (about 86%) of Danes also speak English as a second language. It is mandatory for Danish students to learn from the first grade in the public elementary schools (Danish: folkeskole).

Translation to Danish:

I Danmark taler de fleste dansk. Tysk er anerkendt som et officielt regionalt sprog i Nord-Schleswig-regionen, der grænser op til Tyskland, hvor det tales af 23.000 mennesker, ca. 0,4% af den 5,2 mio danske befolkning. Kongeriget Danmark har kun et officielt sprog: dansk. Dansk er det danske folks nationale sprog. Der tales imidlertid flere mindretalssprog, nemlig færøsk, tysk og grønlandsk. Et stort flertal (ca. 86%) af danskene taler også engelsk som andresprog. Det er obligatorisk for danske studerende at lære fra første klasse i de offentlige folkeskoler (dansk: folkeskole).

There are swans in Canada. Seven species of true swans are certainly recognized. Tundra and trumpeter swans (Cygnus columbianus and C. buccinator) really are native to Canada. The tundra swan breeds in the lower arctic islands, Mackenzie Delta, northern Hudson Bay and also northeastern Manitoba.

Translation to French:

Il y a des cygnes au Canada. Sept espèces de vrais cygnes sont certainement reconnues. Les cygnes toundra et trompette (Cygnus columbianus et C. buccinator) sont vraiment originaires du Canada. Le cygne de la toundra se reproduit dans les îles du bas Arctique, le delta du Mackenzie, le nord de la baie d'Hudson et aussi le nord-est du Manitoba.

Super Cute and Funny Duck Videos Compilation

These cute ducks look pretty cool. Fantastic ducks are very awesome. They are expressive and friendly. Ducklings are also good entertainment and a joy to raise. It's funny that sometimes they look like marshmallows that grew eyes and a beak. That one duck that kept falling asleep is fantastic. You might want to get ducks after watching this. Sometimes a duck is waddling around. The love for ducks exists. The video makes you want to touch those ducks for real.

A duck is a waterbird with a broad blunt bill, short legs, webbed feet, and a funny waddling gait. A duck can also be said to mean it is a pure white thin-shelled bivalve mollusk found off the Atlantic coasts of lands of America.

Duck is sure the common name for numerous species in the waterfowl family Anatidae which also includes swans and geese. Ducks are sure divided among several subfamilies in the family Anatidae. Ducks do not represent a monophyletic group (the group of all descendants of a single common ancestral species). However, they form taxon, since swans and geese are not considered ducks. Ducks are certainly mostly aquatic birds. Ducks are mostly smaller than the swans and geese. Ducks may be found in both fresh water and sea water.

Ducks are unfortunately sometimes confused with several types of unrelated water birds with similar forms, such as loons or divers, grebes, gallinules and coots.

The interesting word duck comes from Old English *dūce "diver." It is a derivative of the verb *dūcan "to duck, bend down low as if to get under something. It can also mean to dive" Many species in the dabbling duck group feed by upending. It can be compared with Dutch duiken and German tauchen "to dive."

A duckling is a young duck in downy plumage or baby duck. Fascinating - a male duck is called a drake and the female is called a duck.

Ducks eat a variety of delicious food sources such as grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, worms and small mollusks.

Dabbling ducks feed on the surface of water or on land. They can also go as deep as they can to reach by up-ending without completely submerging. Along the edge of the beak of a duck, there is a comb-like structure called a pecten. This strains the water squirting from the side of the beak and traps any food they want to eat. The pecten is also used to preen feathers and to hold difficult slippery food items.

Diving ducks and sea ducks forage deep underwater after successfully diving.

Dabbling ducks are certainly most common on the Prairies. Seaducks range far into the Arctic areas. The American black duck (Anas rubripes) is centered in the Maritimes, Québec, and formerly eastern Ontario. Most other duck species are widespread or primarily western.

https://www.ducks.ca is a pretty interesting website. Ducks Unlimited Canada is about conserving Canada's wetlands. They are the future. Their work impacts conservation across Canada. The impact areas are: Wetlands, Water, Grasslands, Boreal Forest, Waterfowl and Wildlife. The Institute for Wetland & Waterfowl Research is pretty interesting to read about. Agriculture and conservation is interesting food for thought. You could see the view of the Earth from space. NASA's Earth Observing fleet of satellites has relayed images that reveal remarkable fantastic improvements for our planet's air quality while the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic keeps people at home.

You can call Ducks Unlimited Canada at 1 800 665-DUCK (3825).

Goose and Dogs Doing Funny Things

It's funny how the goose tries to "bite" and "eat" the dog. It sure has a funny beak. It looks like the dog is actually enjoying it. Sometimes the dog hugs the goose with its paw. These are great friendly animals. The dog did grab the goose by the neck. The dog should not bite too hard. The goose neck should be protected. This Goose walked casually into a dog's backyard. The friendly dog had the best reaction. This hilarious video is entertaining. The funny dog knows to grab it by the neck. It's a way to protect the dog's owner. Funny animals keep you satisfied. Sometimes the dog and goose go swimming in the water together.

Duck Army Videos Compilation - Amazing huge numbers marching streets

This is just unbelievable. Huge numbers of ducks march the streets in formations. See funny duck armies marching in this funny duck videos compilation. Ducks and ducklings are funny, cute and like to walk around. Lots of ducks walking the streets are here for your entertainment. It is amazing how they know where to walk - such as on pedestrian roads. Fantastic high-density duck crowds will amaze you.

Try not to laugh or smile - funny raccoon compilation

Raccoons are pretty amazing fantastic funny animals. Some people see them as a threat. Some people think that they are funny and entertaining. Some people see them as dog-cat-ferret hybrids. Some people find baby raccoons and raised them. They become like dogs to them. They follow commands (come,sit, stay) as well as any dog. Raccoons are pretty intelligent animals. It was sad to see the raccoon who burnt his nose.

Here are some interesting translations:

English - Raccoon
Dutch - wasbeer
German - Waschbär
Russian - енот
French - raton laveur
Spanish - mapache
Portuguese - guaxinim
Swedish - tvättbjörn
Chinese - 狸
Japanese - ラクーン
Hindi - एक प्रकार का जानवर
Ukranian - єнот
Tamil - ரக்கூன்
Mongolian - элбэнх
Serbian - ракун
Finnish - pesukarhu
Polish - szop pracz
Georgian - რაკუნი
Greek - ρακούν
Italian - procione

In The Netherlands, raccoons are called: wasberen.  "Was", in Dutch, is the first person indicative of the verb, "wassen", (to wash).  Beren is the plural of the noun, "beer", bears. ("beer" is pronounced the same as in English - bear.)  So, this means raccoons are "washing bears." This is because they look like little bears that often  wash their food with their hands. It's really a charming fantastic translation.

The German is Waschbär. This also means wash and bear.

The French is raton laveur. "laveur" means "washer."

Some think that thievery is in raccoons gene. A raccoon can be the cat food little thief. They can walk perfectly on two legs (when they are holding something in their hands). They are like little robbers. Some raccoons are just friendly gentle fur balls that love to cuddle, hug and give kisses.

Raccoon's reaction when it runs out of grapes is just priceless

This raccoon is pretty funny. Without looking down, this raccoon doesn't realize it has just finished all the grapes. The reaction that follows will definitely make you laugh. Raccoons are smart animals. Their paws are skillful to grab at food and other objects. Canada has huge raccoon populations in rural and urban areas. These animals are sure abundant.

Try not to laugh animals - dogs and cats - Pet Animals Life

Pets in Canada are pretty interesting. Pets globally all over the world are interesting sometimes, too. The fantastic life of animal pets is fascinating. Nobody knows what funny things they will think of next. Great interesting dogs and cats make some of the best lovable pets. Although, there are certainly the weird hassles of taking care of them. Some of the funniest fantastic pet moves here are pretty amazing. See funny smart domesticated and wild animals. Watch them do amazing funny tricks that will leave you satisfied and wanting more funny enjoyment action. Dogs and cats run quickly around the house, stairs, outside, inside and everywhere. You could try not to laugh, but it will be difficult. These beautiful entertaining dogs and cats are amazing creatures. The horses are the best. You will be satisfied after watching these hilarious moments. Perhaps you will sometimes get tears of joy, indeed. Just try not tolaugh at these animals. It's hard to try notto laugh. These are absolutely amazing fantastic entertaining animals. Sometimes it is a little sad watching them unfortunately fall from tall heights or low heights down to the ground.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of dog breeds out there. At this time, the FCI recognizes 339 breeds of dogs which are divided into 10 groups based on the dog's actual purpose or function or on its appearance or size. Here are some of the interesting fantastic dog breeds that exist out there:

American Hairless Terrier
Basset Hound
Basset Retriever
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound
Bearded Collie
Bullboxer Pit
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Carolina Dog
Catahoula Bulldog
Chinese Crested
Chinese Shar-Pei
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Deutscher Wachtelhund
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
English Toy Spaniel
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
French Spaniel
German Longhaired Pointer
German Pinscher
German Shepherd Dog
Gordon Setter
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Irish Setter
Irish Terrier
Irish Water Spaniel
Irish Wolfhound
Italian Greyhound
Jack Chi
Jack Russell Terrier
Japanese Chin
Japanese Spitz
Korean Jindo Dog
Kai Ken
Karelian Bear Dog
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Standard Schnauzer
Sussex Spaniel
Swedish Vallhund
Texas Heeler
Tibetan Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier
Treeing Tennessee Brindle
Treeing Walker Coonhound
Valley Bulldog
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Yorkshire Terrier

Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in Canada:

Labrador Retriever
German Shepherds
Golden Retriever
French Bulldog
Shetland Sheepdog
Australian Shepherd
Bernese Mountain Dog
Portuguese Water Dog (It sure has "water" in the name. This dog sure loves to swim. The Portuguese water dog was, for several hundred years, used by talented fisherman in Portugal.)

Try not to laugh animals - awesome funny pet animals videos

Great dogs and cats make some of the best lovable pets. Although, there are certainly the hassles of taking care of them. Some of the funniest pet moves here are pretty amazing. See funny smart domesticated and wild animals. Watch them do amazing funny tricks that will leave you satisfied and wanting more funny enjoyment action. Dogs and cats run quickly around the house, stairs, outside and everywhere. You could try not to laugh, but it will be difficult. These beautiful entertaining dogs and cats are amazing creatures. The horses are the best. You will be satisfied after watching these hilarious moments. Perhaps you will get tears of joy, indeed. Just try not tolaugh at these animals. It's hard to try notto laugh. These are absolutely amazing fantastic entertaining animals. Sometimes it is a little sad watching them fall from big heights or small heights down to the ground.

There are a lot of dog breeds out there. At this time, the FCI recognizes 339 breeds of dogs which are divided into 10 groups based on the dog's actual purpose or function or on its appearance or size. Here are some of the dog breeds that exist:

Afghan Hound
Airedale Terrier
Akita Chow
Akita Pit
Akita Shepherd
Alaskan Klee Kai
Alaskan Malamute
American Bulldog
American English Coonhound
American Eskimo Dog
American Foxhound
American Hairless Terrier
American Leopard Hound
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Pugabull
American Staffordshire Terrier
Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Appenzeller Sennenhunde
Basset Fauve de Bretagne
Basset Hound
Basset Retriever
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound
Bearded Collie
Bullboxer Pit
Cairn Terrier
Cane Corso
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Carolina Dog
Catahoula Bulldog
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Chinese Crested
Chinese Shar-Pei
Chow Chow
Cirneco dell’Etna
Clumber Spaniel
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Deutscher Wachtelhund
Doberman Pinscher
Dogo Argentino
Dogue de Bordeaux
Dutch Shepherd
English Cocker Spaniel
English Foxhound
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
English Toy Spaniel
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Estrela Mountain Dog
Field Spaniel
Fila Brasileiro
Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Spitz
Flat-Coated Retriever
Fox Terrier
French Bulldog
French Bullhuahua
French Spaniel
German Longhaired Pointer
German Pinscher
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Pit Bull
German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix
German Sheprador
German Shorthaired Pointer
German Spitz
Golden Cocker Retriever
Golden Mountain Dog
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Corgi
Golden Shepherd
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Irish Setter
Irish Terrier
Irish Water Spaniel
Irish Wolfhound
Italian Greyhound
Jack Chi
Jack Russell Terrier
Japanese Chin
Japanese Spitz
Korean Jindo Dog
Kai Ken
Karelian Bear Dog
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Standard Schnauzer
Sussex Spaniel
Swedish Vallhund
Texas Heeler
Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier
Treeing Tennessee Brindle
Treeing Walker Coonhound
Valley Bulldog
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Yorkshire Terrier

Try not to laugh animals - funny domestic and wild animals

Some of the funny horses here are pretty amazing. See funny domesticated and wild animals. Watch them do amazing tricks that will leave you satisfied and wanting more funny action. Dogs and cats run around the house, stairs, outside and everywhere. You could try not to laugh, but it will be difficult. These beautiful entertaining dogs and cats are amazing. The horses are the best. You will be satisfied after watching these hilarious moments. Perhaps you will get tears of joy, indeed. Just try not tolaugh at these animals. It's hard to try notto laugh. These are absolutely amazing animals. Sometimes it is a little sad watching them fall. The Canada horse is an excellent breed.

Try not to laugh animals - hilarious amazing dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are just the funniest animals. Watch them do amazing tricks that will leave you satisfied and wanting more. Dogs and cats run around the house, stairs, outside and everywhere. You could try not to laugh, but it will be difficult. These beautiful entertaining dogs and cats are amazing. You will be satisfied after watching these hilarious moments. Perhaps you will get tears of joy. Just try not tolaugh at these animals. It's hard to try notto laugh. These are absolutely amazing animals. Sometimes it is a little sad watching them fall. Canada has a lot of funny animals - wild and domesticated.

Try not to laugh animals - funniest awesome dogs and cats

You could try not to laugh, but it will be difficult. These beautiful entertaining dogs and cats are amazing. You will be satisfied after watching these hilarious moments. Perhaps you will get tears of joy. Just try not tolaugh at these animals. It's hard to try notto laugh. There are lots of Canada animals out there that are the most interesting to watch.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Funny raccoon going through garbage in Toronto

This funny raccoon in Toronto is going through garbage in a dumpster. You can try to keep raccoons out of your garbage. To keep persistent raccoons out of your trash, you could try to sprinkle a little ammonia on each trash bag.

You could also try to spread mothballs around the outside of your trash cans to deter animals from getting too close. Raccoons are nocturnal animals - they prowl around at night. You could try to keep your trash can area brightly lit with flood lights. This light can also be a deterrent to raccoons.

Raccoons can be dangerous to have on your property or your house. If you or your pet come into contact with a raccoon and are bitten or scratched you should seek important immediate medical help.

Aggressive raccoons can happen. A normal raccoon certainly wouldn't attack a person. However, sometimes they will "bluff" if they feel threatened, cornered or afraid for some reason. Raccoons may huff, grunt, or "charge" at you. They could try to scare off other animals. You don't have to come close to raccoons.

A raccoon is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. The raccoon is the largest of the procyonid family, having a body length of 40 to 70 cm and a body weight of 5 to 26 kg. Its beautiful grayish coat mostly consists of dense underfur which insulates it against cold weather. Raccoons have great skillful paws. Raccoons look like they have a facial mask. They have ringed tails.

Raccoons are usually nocturnal and omnivorous. They eat about 40% invertebrates, 33% plants and 27% vertebrates.

The original habitats of the raccoon are deciduous and mixed forests. However, these animals can adapt. They can live in mountainous areas, coastal marshes and urban areas. In urban cities, many homeowners try to scare away raccoons from their homes.

In the last few centuries, raccoons have become more widely distributed in this world. You can now often see them across much of mainland Europe, Caucasus, and Japan.

In Canada, raccoons can be found in northern Alberta, southern B.C. and Saskatchewan, central Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, southern Quebec and the Maritimes. Raccoon ranges can be different for different raccoons. However, there is very little evidence that they are territorial.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Flybits is a Toronto startup that uses artificial intelligence to help banks

Flybits sure provides users with real-time information about what their audience is doing on mobile devices and allows businesses to respond accordingly. The platform uses important customer data from proprietary and public sources, as well as device sensors. Flybits then combines this with contextual data, like risk profiles, as well as machine learning, allowing enterprises to drop content to the right user at the best optimal time.

This fantastic Toronto startup uses artificial intelligence to help banks personalize offerings to their customers. In 2019, Flybits cashed in on a TD Bank endorsement to raise $35-million from global investors.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Properly company wants to expand to more Canadian cities

Properly is a new company that helps people with issues about home sales. The issues could be untimely house showings and expensive repairs. This fantastic useful platform uses machine learning to help homeowners determine what their home would sell for on the open market. There is an interesting option to sell directly to Properly and close quickly. The company offers its users a price match guarantee. This means that if the home sells for more than Properly’s offer, 50 percent of the difference is certainly refunded to the hopeful customer.

Properly was founded in 2018. Properly Headquarters are in Canada: Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. The official website of Properly is https://www.properly.ca

Properly says that it is the end-to-end "buy and sell" partner. It works in an interesting way.

Step 1: Get an informative cash offer to sell your home directly to Properly. People are encouraged to skip the hassle of listing, showings, and repairs. These numbers should be about 99% accurate based on 125,000+ sold homes. You can use the offer to determine your buying budget.

Step 2: Successfuly find your new home with a Client Advisor. You could tour any home on the market with a Properly Client Advisor (like a realtor, however Properly says that they have "superpowers"). Properly helps you go from A-to-Z from your first home visit to closing.

Step 3: Choose the correct close date and move on your needed schedule. Sell your current home to Properly and move into your new home. Choose your wanted close date to avoid overlapping mortgages.

Learn more details about how it works here:

Full service is tailored for the customer's needs.

Here would be the advantages to using this service:

- Trusted advisor on your side: the Properly Client Advisor. This is a top-reviewed agent with neighbourhood expertise and certified negotiation skills.

- Sell your home as is. You could skip listings, showings, and cleaning.

- Unlock your home’s equity. Use our cash offer to achieve the needed financing for your new home.

- Benefit from the Properly network. Access their team of experts including mortage brokers, home inspectors, and lawyers.

- Profit Share Guarantee. 50% of the profit is passed back to you if they sell your home for more than your cash offer plus improvements.

- Avoid overlapping mortages. You coud choose any close date. Avoid moving twice and sleeping on somebody else's couch.

Canadian startup Properly certainly offers new ways of buying and selling homes. However, uncertain market conditions in places like Calgary could have some people worried Properly's arrival. Properly is an interesting startup tech company specializing in real estate.

Properly is called by some, an institutional buyer or "iBuyer." It is also known as a direct buyer. Algorithms are used to determine the market value of a home. An initial offer can be made to buy the property directly from the homeowner within 48 hours. It seems that the whole process can be completed in a week. The seller can set the closing date.

Properly persuades people by saying that its process can save time and reduce stress.

Some people sell their house to Properly and pay a service fee of almost 7% on the transaction.

Properly currently operates in Calgary and Ottawa. The company is making an effort to expand to every Canadian city.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Damon Motorcycles develops great safety innovations for motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles was founded in 2017. The company won "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020. The company headquarters are in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The official website of Damon Motorcycles is damonmotorcycles.com

Damon is successfully reinventing personal mobility for 1.5 billion daily commuters. This company actually reverse engineered the problems that two wheel commuters face. The company built an experience that’s perpetually safer, smarter and more rider-friendly.

Reverse engineering is also called back engineering. This is the process by which a man-made object is deconstructed to reveal its designs, architecture, or to extract knowledge from the object. This is similar to scientific research. The difference is that scientific research is about a natural phenomenon.

The company vision includes a self-learning mobility platform that will hopefully create a world with no fatal accidents on Damon vehicles by 2030.

Damon Motorcycles is working hard to achieve that vision. Damon put data-driven thinking at the epicentre of the company. Damon employs radical innovations in sensor fusion, robotics, and AI.

Sensor fusion is the important ability to bring together inputs from multiple radars, lidars and cameras to form a single model or image of the environment around a vehicle. The successful resulting model is more accurate because it balances the strengths of the different sensors.

The following is interesting news from April 8, 2020:

Vancouver-based Damon Motorcycles, a developer of safety innovations for motorcycles using sensor fusion, robotics, and artificial intelligence, has secured $3 million in additional financing.

Damon also acquired the IP portfolio of Mission Motors, developer of high-density EV powertrains.

Read more about these news here:

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Coconut Software and new remote meeting capabilities

Coconut Software company was founded in 2011. The headquarters are in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. In an important event, the company closed $6.5 million financing round in November 2019.

The official website of Coconut Software is coconutsoftware.com

Coconut provides an enterprise-grade appointment scheduling solution that redefines how customers interact with organizations. At the same time, it is maintaining unparalleled levels of security and compliance. Coconut is used by many of the world’s largest firms, such as Jackson Hewitt, London Drugs, Rogers and TELUS.

The following is an interesting news story from November 27, 2019:

Saskatoon-based startup Coconut Software has raised an additional $6.5 million CAD in what it is calling a Series A2 round.

Read more details about it here:

The following is an informative news story from Mar 26, 2020:

Coconut Software Sees Rapid Adoption as Financial Sector Struggles To Support Work From Home Model

Coconut Software, a leading enterprise level customer engagement technology provider, announced the priority release of their new remote meeting capabilities in response to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic health crisis.

Read more details about it here:

Klue and the Global Competitive Intelligence Tools Market 2020

Klue company was founded in 2015. The headquarters are in Vancouver, BC. The company was named a 2019 Gartner "Cool Vendor." Gartner is a global research and advisory firm providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions.

Klue is based in the city of Vancouver. Klue enjoys the Canadian Tech Community. As many people know, recent blocks of entry into USA have happened. However, Canada has successful teamwork and interconnectivity as much as it can create.

The official website of Klue is: klue.com

Klue says that it is competitive intelligence that wins business. What Klue does is kind of a difficult description, but here it is. Klue is the competitive enablement platform built to collect, curate, and deliver competitive and market intelligence across every department of every business. Klue can do the following things: 

- Track Competitors: Klue tracks relevant news and data and combines it with internal sources. You could get deeper competitive intelligence.

- Centralize Competitive Content: Don't worry about managing document versions, again. Update sales battlecards effortlessly, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver consumable competitive strategies in the tools your Sales reps use every day.

- Improve Sales Performance: Arm reps with sales strategies to be more effective in closing deals. Easily searchable sales battlecards give tactics to handle objections, deposition competitors, and leverage strengths.

Klue says that it "collects competitive intelligence." It could help lighten the load of tracking competitors and markets. Klue gathers and filters from millions of sources to keep you on top of competitor website changes, product/feature updates, customer reviews, and more. Internal intel from Slack, email, and Salesforce combine with external data to give you deeper competitive coverage of your market.

Klue says that it gets you insights to drive your competitive strategy. Gather market intelligence to inform your go-to-market strategy using Klue. Tracking competitors in your industry with website page monitoring, keyword insights, content tracking, and news monitoring arm you to build stronger positioning strategies.

Klue says that it provides a lens into a competitor’s world. It continuously updates and connecting dots to help users win more business. It’s a new way to capture, manage, and communicate market insights from the web and across the company, in platforms many already use.

The following is an interesting news story (May 29, 2020) about Klue and Global Competitive Intelligence Tools:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact On Global Competitive Intelligence Tools Market 2020 Analysis By Top Key Players - Crayon, Brandwatch, SimilarWeb, Klue

Read the interesting news story here:

Sept 27, 2017 - Vancouver-Based Klue Raises $4m USD in Seed Funding:

Klue's latest funding round in September 2017 was reported to be $4 m. In total, Klue has raised $4 m.