Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Geese crowd in the rain

The rain was really pouring down heavily on this day. Geese sure eat green grass in the rain. Geese walked slowly and sometimes shakes off wet water. A goose might slip and fall on slippery surfaces, they walk carefully. It is sure harder to fly in the rain.

Geese on sidewalk in the rain

Dozens of beautiful geese walk together on the sidewalk in the rain. I wonder if geese would be more comfortable walking on green grass than on the pavement. Cars stop and wait while geese cross the road, as though they are pedestrians. The rain was pouring down heavily at this time and you can hear the rain.

Geese in the rain

Fantastic geese stay close to each other when the rain pours. It looks like they are enjoying the rain. Smart geese walk slowly and sometimes shake off the water.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Dog Raised By Cats And Now Thinks He’s A Cat

This interesting dog is pretty original. Mako is not just a regular dog. The dog was adopted when he was a puppy. He grew up later with several cats. Some may joke often that the dog never realized that he is actually a dog. It's funny to think that it is certainly like cat software installed in dog hardware. The cats are probably aware that this dog doesn't behave like other dogs.

Epic battle between Mute swan and Canada geese family

You will be amazed at this epic battle between Mute swan and Canada geese family. It actually seems that the male goose, the gander, was actually distracting the swan and drawing the swan away from his mate and his babies. It risked its safety. When a bird wants just to get a gulp of water is a certainly different issue.

Fox ignores swan (HD 720p)

Swan approaches smart fox, but he completely ignores him. It is quite interesting how the fox ignores the swan. Observe fascinating animal weird behaviors.

Cutest Funniest Goat Compilation

Everybody certainly loves watching cute and funny goats. Take a look at this amazing brand new compilation. Funny Pet Videos brings you the best cute animal compilations. You may actually realize that goats are underrated.