Thursday, January 30, 2020

Wild Animals of the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies are interesting. There are interesting dangerous animals to see, like: Ram, Sheep, Black Bears, Deer and Elk.

Best of Wild Canada (360 Video) - Wild Canadian Year

This video is pretty interesting. Canadian animal species were filmed in 360. You can see them from Bird Rock, Newfoundland to Tulameen River Valley in British Columbia. See beluga whales and mountain goats in the wild. This is from the creators of the series Wild Canada. The new 5-part series is to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Visit The Wild Canadian Year for more stories:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wild Canadian Animals - different provinces

This interesting video of wild Canadian animals shows Bison, Moose, Black Bear, Bald Eagle, Mountain Goat, Porcupine, Steller's Jay, Pika, Caribou, Bighorn Sheep, Arctic Ground Squirrel and many more.

Some of the footage was shot in Alaska, however all of the interesting animals shown are native to both Canada and Alaska. Alaska is right on the border of Canada in the north.

Two Lynx in Ontario Have Intense Conversation

This Youtube video shows 2 funny lynx in Ontario having intense conversations. I would be scared if I went camping and heard that in woods. It really kind of sounds like some type of demon shrieking. I think I heard these sounds being played on the radio, as well. This video is pretty famous. It is interesting what Canadian animals have to offer. They sound frustrated.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Funny Animal Video Canada Goose Preening

This video from Youtube is interesting. Has anybody ever seen a Canadian goose preening itself down by the pond. Birds clean their feathers and keep them in top shape. They remove dust, dirt and parasites from their feathers. They also like to align each feather to its optimum position. Displaced feathers can cause birds considerable trouble. It is harder to fly that way. Such displaced feathers might become damaged. Incorrect feathers might allow the bird's body heat to escape. They also want to do the waterproofing of feathers. Birds can also shed old feathers while preening.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Canadian animals - many different species

Canada is home to about 80,000 species including the iconic caribou, polar bear and narwhal. Keep in mind, many of them are facing numerous threats to their survival.

Interestingly, Canada supports the 2nd largest gray wolf population in the world, after Russia. Wolf habitat is diverse in this large country. Historically, wolves ranged in most areas of Canada. Currently, wolves in Canada occupy approximately 90 percent of their historic range.

Gray wolf attacks are rare because wolves are scared to be killed by human beings. Wolves today tend to live mostly far from people or have developed the tendency and ability to avoid them.

There have been some recent extinctions in Canada. There was exploitation of land and forest resources by humans and hunting and trapping for food and sport. Woodland caribou, present in several provinces, are threatened by human hunting, wolves, as well as habitat disturbance from forestry activities, roads, mining and exploration, pipelines and oil and gas production. The Newfoundland population of marten is threatened by habitat loss, accidental trapping and prey availability.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Top 10 Iconic Canadian Animals

The Calgary Zoo is celebrating Canada’s 150th by highlighting some of the country’s most iconic native species.

The 150th anniversary of Canada is interesting. 2017 marks a significant moment in the history of Canada. 150 before that year, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia united to create the Canadian Confederation, called the Dominion of Canada.

Canada is known for its mammals such as American bison, Arctic hare, badger, beaver, black bear, bobcat, little brown bat, Canada lynx, reindeer (caribou), coyote, grizzly bears, wolf, red fox, lemming, meadow mice, moose, mountain lion, mule deer, musk ox, muskrat, polar bear, porcupine, prairie dog, pronghorn, raccoon, pinniped (seal), skunk, snowshoe hare, walrus, wapiti, weasel, whale, white tailed deer, wolverine.

Amazingly, Canada lies within the 15 terrestrial and 5 marine ecozones. The largest marine ecozone is the Arctic Archipelago. The largest terrestrial ecozone is the Boreal Shield. The main biomes of Canada are tundra, boreal forest, mixed forest, broadleaf forest, prairies, Rocky Mountains, and temperate coniferous forests which hosts significant biodiversity.

In recent decades, human encroachment has certainly posed a threat to Canada's wildlife. To help the situation, National Wildlife Areas (NWAs) are set aside under the Canada Wildlife Act. In existence are National Parks, National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries. National parks protect important natural regions in Canada. NWAs help conserve habitats for species at risk. Migratory bird sanctuaries protect the breeding grounds of migratory birds during the vital nesting season.

Oscar Nominated "Garden Party" - CG Animated Horror Short Film

This interesting Youtube video shows frogs in a creepy rich house scene. In a deserted villa, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.

This interesting short film won following awards:

- Viewers Choice Award - Best Animated Short / The BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest, 2017
- Computer Animation Festival Award - Best Student Project / SIGGRAPH Asia, 2017
- Computer Animation Festival Award - Student Prize / SIGGRAPH, 2017
- Grand Jury Prize - Best Animated Short / Nashville Film Festival, 2017
- International Fantasy Film- Special Mention / Fantasporto, 2017
- Audience Award - Best Animation / Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival, 2017
- Special Mention of the Jury / Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2017
- Student Jury Award - Best Short Film / Paris Courts Devant, 2016

Original title - Garden Party
Directors - Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire
Year - 2016

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Funniest Geese Attack Compilation - Must See Angry Goose Video

This is a pretty funny Youtube video. You could try not to laugh. It's a hilarious video of people vs geese. These geese are not messing around. Watch them protect themselves and babies from people. See amazing angry Canadian geese.

Talking Beaver on the Highway

This is a funny Youtube video from Canada. A beaver is on the highway at the Canada US border, welcoming drivers to Canada. The beaver got away fine. This is a 110KM/hr highway. It takes a long time to slow down.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Moose fighting in the driveway

Looks like this happened in Alaska. That isn't Canada, but it is very close on the border of Canada. There are sure a lot of moose in Canada. Watch out for moose when driving on the road.

Moose fighting in the driveway - this looks pretty good. Thanks for amazing animal footage. This is entertaining to watch.

Moose typically aren't aggressive towards people. If provoked, they can be deadly. Unlike deer, moose aren't usually afraid of humans, so they won't run away just because you're there.

Adult moose can run as fast as 35 miles per hour. They are excellent swimmers. They can cross large expanses swimming up to 6 miles per hour for two hours at one time. Moose usually weigh 25 to 35 pounds at birth. Calves can run within a few days and swim well within two weeks.

If you see a moose: talk calmly and back away. Give the animal about 50 feet of personal space. Dogs might provoke moose. Don't throw things or offer food.

This following is the biggest moose ever recorded. The largest Alaska moose was shot in western Yukon in September 1897. It weighed 820 kg (1,808 lb). It was 2.33 m (7.6 ft) tall at the shoulder.

Most of the time, the reason that male moose fight is over females or territory (which they would hope is full of females). The point is not a fight to the death. The point is to push harder and show that he's stronger. Whoever can move the other one out of the way wins.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Patrick Krief - Dovetale

Patrick Krief is an interesting Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. He was a former guitarist for The Dears. In 2004 he appeared on MTV Canada's Project Moose Catch. He was a guest on Jonathan Ross's show in 2005.

Dovetale: List of Songs:

1. Daydream Lover 3:50
2. The Autumn 3:48
3. Idols 3:39
4. Bless Modern Love 3:25
5. The Moon Is On My Shoulder 3:50
6. Million Star 2:19
7. Osaka 3:05
8. Take The Night 3:30
9. Tonight 3:45
10. Dovetale 3:53
11. Venus 4:38

Kid Koala - Music To Draw To: Io

Kid Koala's Music To Draw To: Io is the 2nd volume in the legendary scratch interesting DJ's transportive ambient-vocal collaboration series. It is certainly inspired by great music. The vocals are impressive here.

Music To Draw To: Io: List of Songs:

1. Circle Of Clouds (Kid Koala) 7:36
2. All For You (feat. Trixie Whitley) (Trixie Whitley, Kid Koala) 3:20
3. Torus (Kid Koala) 3:04
4. Transmission 4 (Kid Koala) 3:43
5. Lost At Sea (feat. Trixie Whitley) (Trixie Whitley, Kid Koala) 6:19
6. Shielded (Kid Koala) 1:44
7. Liminality (Kid Koala) 1:39
8. Transmission 5 (Kid Koala) 3:27
9. Hera's Song (feat. Trixie Whitley) (Trixie Whitley, Kid Koala) 5:46
10. Transmission 6 (Kid Koala) 2:14
11. Allotropic (Kid Koala) 3:37
12. Diamond Heart (feat. Trixie Whitley) (Trixie Whitley, Kid Koala) 3:41

Julian Taylor Band - Avalanche

Julian Taylor is an interesting Canadian singer-songwriter. He was formerly associated with the band Staggered Crossing. He has continued to record and perform as a solo artist since that band's breakup in 2007. The artist now fronts the Julian Taylor Band.

Avalanche: List of Songs:

1. Time 2:43
2. Take What You Need 6:35
3. Back Again 3:41
4. Avalanche 4:59
5. Sweeter 3:07
6. Learn To Love 3:47
7. Gone 3:32
8. Never Let The Lights Go Dim 5:01

Yves Jarvis - The Same but by Different Means

Yves Jarvis is the stage name of Jean-Sébastien Audet. He is a Canadian indie pop musician who also previously released music under the stage name Un Blonde. The interesting artist is originally from Calgary, Alberta.

The Same But By Different Means: List of Songs:

1. To Say That is Easy 4:15
2. The Plight Comes 0:15
3. Sugar Coated 2:25
4. Nothing New 1:39
5. Constant Change 0:31
6. Out of the Blue, Into Both Hands 2:54
7. Into the Forefront 1:58
8. 360 1:39
9. Forward 0:45
10. Curtain of Rain 2:21
11. Hard to Say Bye 1:44
12. Fruits of Disillusion 2:49

Haviah Mighty - 13th Floor

13th Floor is the interesting debut album from Canadian hip hop artist Haviah Mighty. The album was released on May 10, 2019. It was the winner of the 2019 Polaris Music Prize.

13th Floor: Songs List:

1. In Women Colour 3:00
2. Waves 3:40
3. Wishy Washy 3:38
4. Blame 3:08
5. Thirteen 3:08
6. Smoke 3:37
7. You Don't Love Me 3:43
8. Fugazi 2:40
9. Squad 2:58
10. Oh My 2:44
11. Ride 3:01
12. Bag Up 2:29

Half Moon Run - A Blemish in the Great Light

This music album is by Alisha Mughal. It is Half Moon Run's latest album. A Blemish in the Great Light is interesting. This is indie rock sound of the band. The music left a pleasant impression for me.

A Blemish in the Great Light: List of Songs:

1. Then Again 3:20
2. Favourite Boy 4:02
3. Flesh and Blood 4:58
4. Natural Disaster 3:44
5. Black Diamond 2:59
6. Yani's Song 2:41
7. Razorblade 7:26
8. Undercurrents 2:18
9. Jello on my Mind 3:53
10. New Truth 5:09

Jenn Grant - Love, Inevitable

Jenn Grant has released her 7th interesting album titled Love, Inevitable. This great album sounds good with Grant's talented voice gliding through each song. Love, Inevitable was recorded last summer in Portland, Oregon. It shows through the breezy and windy feel to this artist's music.

Love, Inevitable - Song Tracks:

1. Raven 3:39
2. Our Love 4:11
3. Keep a Light On 3:06
4. Arizona 4:44
5. Favourite Daughter 4:45
6. Magic and Mistakes 4:33
7. Sweet Grass 3:58
8. Bird at Midnight 3:53
9. Lost in Our Wishes 7:03
10. Lay Me Down 3:24

The Glorious Sons - A War on Everything

The Glorious Sons are an interesting Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario. Formed in 2011, the great band signed with Black Box in 2013.

A War On Everything: Song Tracks:

1. Panic Attack 3:09
2. A War On Everything 4:01
3. Spirit To Break 3:03
4. Closer To The Sky 3:26
5. Wild Eyes 3:06
6. A Funny Thing Happened 3:01
7. The Laws of Love and War 3:12
8. One More Summer 3:39
9. The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death of Rock and Roll 2:54
10. Kick Them Wicked Things 2:56
11. I'm On Your Side 3:45
12. Kingdom In My Heart 3:30

Leela Gilday - North Star Calling

Leela Gilday is a Dene-Canadian singer and songwriter. She was born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. From a young age, Leela was involved in music. By the age of 8, she had already begun her singing career. Today she is an interesting celebrated artist from Canada's North.

North Star Calling - Song Tracks:

1. Rolling Thunder 4:37
2. Hard Ground 3:31
3. K'eintah Natse Ju 4:39
4. One Thing 4:28
5. Falling Stars 4:55
6. Space 4:41
7. Let It Roll 4:21
8. North Star Calling 4:42
9. We Are Here 4:19
10. Yake Gotine 3:44

Hannah Georgas - Imprints

The fascinating singer-songwriter musician Hannah Georgas really understands the inspiration of great music. She covers 4 songs, written and recorded by influential women in her life, for Imprints, an EP released today (March 8, 2019) in celebration of International Women's Day.

Imprints Song Tracks:

1. No Need To Argue 3:13
2. Love Is A Stranger 3:39
3. That's The Way Love Goes 3:32
4. Back In Your Head 3:46

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Franklin Electric - In Your Head EP

The Franklin Electric is made up of emotional indie-rock, folk and alternative.

It is founded and directed by Jon Matte. The Montreal group is interesting.

He appeared in 2014 with his debut album This Is How I Let You Down. The Franklin Electric has almost 400 shows in about a dozen countries.

The EP In Your Head arrived during the summer of 2019. Many shows will continue from this.

Music Song Tracks:

1. Made It up in Your Head 03:00
2. I've Been Here Before 03:43
3. I Know You, You Know Me 03:25
4. My Home 03:53
5. If I Knew 03:52

Dominique Fils-Aimé - Stay Tuned!

Montreal singer Dominique Fils-Aimé is the 2019-2020 interesting person in jazz.

La chanteuse montréalaise Dominique Fils-Aimé est la personne intéressante en jazz 2019-2020.

It's great to listen to this voice.

C'est super d'écouter cette voix.

Music Tracks:
1. Good Feeling 00:51
2. Constructive Interference 02:19
3. Where there is Smoke 03:30
4. There is probably Fire 04:10
5. Gun Burial 03:04
6. Big Man Do Cry 03:15
7. Sun Rise 02:01
8. Some Body 04:05
9. 9LRR 01:55
10. Revolution Serenade 03:26
11. Free Dom 04:42
12. Magic Whistle 00:51
13. Joy River 04:11
14. Stay Tuned! 00:39

FET.NAT - Le Mal

FET.NAT is a Canadian music group from Gatineau, Quebec. The group's 2019 album Le Mal was shortlisted for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. The band has vocalist and lyricist JFNO, guitarist Pierre-Luc Clément, saxophonist Linsey Wellman and drummer Olivier Fairfield.

The sound of their music is mostly called funk-punk.

The fascinating music band previously released the EPs Brunch (2010), Oh! and fuck allure (2012), Purple Empereur (2014) and Poule Mange Poule (2014).

Stephen Fearing - The Unconquerable Past

Stephen Fearing is a Canadian roots/folk singer-songwriter. He has a his solo career. To add to that, Fearing co-founded Canadian roots-rock supergroup Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with Colin Linden and Tom Wilson. He is one half of the duo Fearing & White, with Irish artist Andy White.

Discography: Albums:

1988 Out to Sea
1991 Blue Line
1993 The Assassin's Apprentice
1996 High Or Hurtin’ (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
1997 Industrial Lullaby
1999 Kings of Love (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2000 So Many Miles (Live)
2002 That's How I Walk
2003 BARK (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2006 Let’s Frolic (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2006 Yellowjacket
2007 Let’s Frolic Again (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2009 The Man Who Married Music: The Best of Stephen Fearing
2009 Swinging from the Chains of Love (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2011 Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
2011 Kings and Queens (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2013 Between Hurricanes
2014 South (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2014 Tea and Confidences (Fearing & White)
2016 Kings and Kings (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings)
2017 Every Soul's A Sailor
2018 The Secret of Climbing
2019 The Unconquerable Past

Lara Fabian - Papillon

Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert is better known as Lara Fabian. She is a Canadian-Belgian singer, songwriter, musician, actress and producer. She was born in Etterbeek, Brussels. Since 1996 she holds a Canadian citizenship alongside her original Belgian citizenship.

Papillon is the 14th studio album and Fabian's 10th French album. The album was released on February 8, 2019. The first single from the album, "Papillon", was released on October 5, 2018.

Song tracks on the album:

1. "Papillon"
2. "Je suis à toi"
3. "Changer le jeu"
4. "Par amour"
5. "Je ne t'aime plus"
6. "Alien"
7. "Pardonne"
8. "Superman"
9. "Sans ton amour"
10. "L'animal"
11. "Alcyon"

Devours - Iconoclast

Devours is the stage name of Jeff Cancade. This is a Canadian electronic musician. Originally he is from Nanaimo, British Columbia. He came out as gay. This music album is queer-friendly. This is not like some anti-gay raps you might have heard. The electronic sound effects are pretty well done.

Dignity (2013)
21st & Main (2014)
Avalon (2015)
Late Bloomer (2016)
Iconoclast (2019)

Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy

Here Comes the Cowboy is the interesting 4th full-length album by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mac DeMarco. It was released on May 10, 2019, through Mac's Record Label. It sounds like Indie Rock.

Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in USA and United Kingdom in the 1970s. It was originally used to describe independent record labels. This music term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock.

Track listing:
All tracks are written by Mac DeMarco.

1. "Here Comes the Cowboy" 3:00
2. "Nobody" 3:32
3. "Finally Alone" 2:25
4. "Little Dogs March" 2:29
5. "Preoccupied" 4:00
6. "Choo Choo" 2:39
7. "K" 3:33
8. "Heart to Heart" 3:31
9. "Hey Cowgirl" 2:16
10. "On the Square" 3:29
11. "All of Our Yesterdays" 4:04
12. "Skyless Moon" 4:05
13. "Baby Bye Bye" 7:29

Total music length: 46:32

"Heart to Heart" features uncredited vocals by Mac Miller.

Mac DeMarco performs all instruments and vocals, production, mixing, and engineering.

Madchild - Demons

Shane Bunting is better known by his stage name Madchild. He is a Canadian rapper. He is part of the Vancouver-based hip hop group Swollen Members. In 2009, he released a solo EP entitled The Madchild EP.

Demons (released in Apr 2019) is a pretty interesting album by MadChild. It is through Battle Axe Records. It is Hip Hop. The demons video has some pretty crazy things like MadChild burning a stack of $100 bills. The women are always beautiful in his videos. Some of the raps sound... childish. A lot of the lyrics are quite humorous. You can sure get that he actually smokes a lot of weed and other drugs as main hobbies.
Intro 0:27
Brainstorm 3:21
Han Solo 3:17
Demons 3:25
Watergate 3:45
Times Change 4:00
Death Race 4:14
My Turn (Interlude) 0:18
Dreaded Force 3:38
No Separation 3:54
Follow 3:46
Cold Blooded 3:11
Soiled In Regret 3:04
Forget About You 4:31
Rocket Fuel 2:20
Terror 5:30

Copyright (c) Battle Axe Records
Mixed At - The Drug Lab

Artwork [Cover] - Jason Hutton
Compiled By, Arranged By, Mastered By - Rob The Viking
Design [Cover] - Damone Osbourne
Design [Packaging] - Neph
Executive-Producer - Ivory Daniel, Kevin Zinger, Shane Ralph
Mixed By - Federico "C Sik" Lopez

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Amelia Curran - Song On The Radio (Live)

Song On The Radio (Live) is interesting by Amelia Curran. It is Live At Massey Hall. It is by 2019 Six Shooter Records Inc. It was released on: 2019-09-13.

Amelia Curran is a Canadian singer-songwriter from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Associated  Performer, Vocals, Guitar: Amelia Curran
Associated  Performer, Drums, Studio  Personnel, Mixer: Joshua Van Tassel
Associated  Performer, Bass  Guitar: Devon Henderson
Associated  Performer, Guitar: Dean Drouillard
Studio  Personnel, Mastering  Engineer: Fedge
Studio  Personnel, Recording  Engineer: Steve Major
Composer  Lyricist: Amelia Curran

Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Antipodes

Les Cowboys Fringants are a Canadian (Québécois) folk rock music group formed in 1995 in Repentigny, Quebec. The French word fringant can be translated to English as "dashing", "spry" or "smartly dressed". It can aslo mean "frisky", "lively" and "spirited".

The band performs Québécois néo-trad music (modernized Quebec folk music with a rock flavour). They use many inspirations from country music. Band members come from the Montreal suburbs of Repentigny and L'Assomption.

Here are some interesting translations:

The Dashing Cowboys: from one extreme to the other
Les Cowboys Fringants: d’un extrême à l’autre

The band also deals with themes of Quebec history, Quebec independence and suburban life.
Le groupe aborde également des thèmes de l'histoire du Québec, de l'indépendance du Québec et de la vie en banlieue.

They sometimes adopt a minimalist and dadaesque style, a trend of the Quebec music scene of the 2000s.
Ils adoptent parfois un style minimaliste et dadaesque, une tendance de la scène musicale québécoise des années 2000.

1997 12 Grandes chansons (ENG: 12 Great Songs)
1998 Sur mon canapé (ENG: On my couch)
2000 Motel Capri (4 April 2000)
2001 Enfin Réunis (12 grandes chansons + Sur Mon Canapé) (20 November 2001)
2002 Break syndical (5 March 2002)
2003 Attache ta tuque! (ENG: Attach your hat!) (13 May 2003; live album)
2004 La Grand-Messe (23 November 2004)
2007 Au Grand Théâtre de Québec (2007; live album)
2008 L'expédition (23 September 2008)
2008 Sur un air de déjà vu (14 October 2008)
2010 En concert au Zénith de Paris (2010; live album)
2011 Que du vent (ENG: Only wind) (14 November 2011)
2015 Octobre (23 October 2015)
2019 Les antipodes (4 October 2019)

What is an antipode? It is the direct opposite of something else. As in, "the pole and its antipode." In geography, the antipode of any spot on Earth is the point on Earth's surface diametrically opposite to it. A pair of points antipodal to each other are situated such that a straight line connecting the two would pass through Earth's center. Antipodal points are as far away from each other as possible.

Charlotte Cornfield - The Shape of Your Name

This Canadian songwriter and musician is Toronto-based. Charlotte Cornfield has beautiful music. The lyrics have deep feelings. She is also a session drummer and a booker for Toronto’s Burdock Music Hall. She plays drums on some of her songs. The guitars also sound interesting.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Bruce Cockburn - Crowing Ignites

Canadian folk music like this is exciting. Bruce Cockburn's best songs have the best impressive lyrics. The guitar sounds nice with the bass string. Percussion is well done. The music sounds beautiful.

City and Colour - A Pill for Loneliness

Dallas Green has made much fascinating guitar music over the last 15 years as City and Colour. This album has warm, emotional music. A Pill for Loneliness is the 6th studio album of City and Colour. Hear sounds that are atmospheric, gauzy, slow and fast.

Clairmont the Second - Do You Drive?

Clairmont The Second is growing in popularity in the Toronto music scene. As both as the producer and the artist, the performer performs well on this album. These soundtracks sound kind of like a late night drive through the city. The meaningful music is inspiring. I enjoyed listening to this.

I know that I drive. Having a driver's license improves a person's life significantly. The invention of cars was just genius.

Tanika Charles - The Gumption

Her previous album, Soul Run, had a similar feel to it. Singer Tanika Charles is interesting in rock and funk on her second album, The Gumption. The vocals are impressive on this album. The guitars sound nice and clean. Church organs also sound well.

Alessia Cara - This Summer

This Summer is the 3rd extended play by Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara. It was released in September 2019 through Def Jam and Universal Music Canada. Cara impressively wrote or co-wrote all the tracks.

She worked closely with Jon Levine, Midi Jones, and Mike Sabath. In July 2019, Cara announced that she would be releasing an EP entitled This Summer, with the first single, "Ready", released on July 22. She is good at writing when she feels like writing.

Louise Burns - Portraits

Louise Burns left BC band Lillix over a decade ago. Louise Burns has been an amazing singer-songwriter. 3 albums of atmospheric pop tunes are quite impressive and interesting. The 4th album, Portraits, is a pretty focused work. It has a nice emotional spiritual pop sound. The excellent singing voice improves the tracks.

Jon Bryant - Cult Classic

A few years ago, songwriter Jon Bryant joined a group called NXIVM. This is an organization that was later reported to be a cult. Now, the musician shares his experiences on the album Cult Classic. This talented musician is Halifax-born and Vancouver-based. The LP is out via Nettwerk Records. It is available to stream in full.

These are some of the best songs here:"Paradise" and "Cultivated." The rock music is smooth and relaxing. The lyrics are meaningful and fascinating. Bryant wanted to hang out with people that had similar interests. This group had quite intense seminars.

Broken Social Scene - Let’s Try the After Vol. 1

The Canadian collective’s latest EP features some interesting inspiring music. It's uplifting to hear. Broken Social Scene are often called the sentimentalists of 2000s indie rock. This rock music is warm, friendly, embracing and impressive. The group members play well together.

Bedouin Soundclash - MASS

Jay Malinowski and Eon Sinclair are back with the 1st Bedouin Soundclash album since 2010’s Light The Horizon. This is an impressive album that excites. It's interesting to hear blasting horns and Mike Dillon’s balafon-like marimba playing. The vocals are kind and pleasing. Dub effects are cool.

Bedouin usually means a nomad of the desert. You can talk about an encampment of Bedouin on the edge of the desert. These people have no permanent living place. They could travel from place to place. They could find new fresh pasture for their livestock.

Tim Baker - Forever Overhead

This band fills many venues with loud fans. Tim Baker does well to use his early music influences. Some of the tracks are melancholy. The drums and guitars sound well together here. Louder thundering drums are interesting. The vocals are high quality.