Wednesday, May 10, 2023

What SpaceX Falcon 9 has done is totally shocking to the entire world

GREAT SPACEX on YouTube has the story.

What SpaceX just did with Falcon 9 is totally shocking to the entire world!

With the ability to take humans to new frontiers of the universe, SpaceX's Starship is considered one of the hottest spots attracting global attention. This is not surprising as SpaceX has previously achieved a historic milestone with the Falcon 9 rocket, which Elon Musk dubbed as SpaceX's "workhorse." The success of Falcon 9 has captured the world's attention and brought awareness to the breakthroughs in space technology that the company is achieving.

So what did SpaceX do with Falcon 9 to shock the whole world?
Find out in this episode of Great SpaceX.

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