Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Canada giving Ukraine over 800 drones worth $95 million

CBC News has the story.

CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian public broadcast service.

Canada will donate more than 800 drones, valued at $95 million, to help the war effort in Ukraine, Minister of National Defence Bill Blair announced Monday. The funding for the new drones comes from the $500-million military aid package announced by the government in June 2023. Ihor Michalchyshyn, the CEO and executive director of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress discusses the new donation.


  1. The Ukrainians do well with drones. Just this week they managed to sink another large Russian ship with drone attacks. When will this war end?

    1. Hopefully, the war will end soon. It seems that drones are useful.

      A Russian warship's last-resort machine-gun fire wasn't enough to defeat the Ukrainian sea drone assault that sunk it, video shows

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      How Ukraine Is Building A Drone Army At Its Kitchen Tables

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      “At first, it looked like some kind of rocket science,” said Oleksii, a Ukrainian assembling drones at home, talking to the Ukrainian IT news site “But after the first drone, it became clear that if you just follow the instructions, everything works out.”

      FPV drones, racing quadcopters adapted to be kamikaze munitions, are a key element of Ukraine’s warfighting capability. The low-cost precision weapons capable of destroying tanks and other major military hardware from long range, and help fill the gap left by Ukraine’s critical shortage of artillery ammunition.