Thursday, March 14, 2024

Cult leader 'Queen of Canada' sets up camp in small Saskatchewan community

CTV News on Youtube has the story.

An extremist cult leader and her followers have set up camp in a small Saskatchewan community. Merella Fernandez reports.

The village of Richmound in rural Saskatchewan is turning to the province and the RCMP for help after a group of QAnon-aligned followers of the self-styled 'Queen of Canada' occupied a private building and threatened some residents and officials with public execution.

The people of Richmound are tense and anxious about members of a cult who are living at a former school in the village, according to the Saskatchewan RCMP.

But police say that despite issuing threats of public execution, the group does not pose an "imminent threat."

The group is led by Romana Didulo, who is known as a far-right QAnon conspiracy theorist but has dubbed herself the "Queen of Canada," among other titles, including the national Indigenous leader.

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