Monday, July 13, 2020

Funny geese near tables outside in Toronto

Funny entertaining geese near tables outside in Toronto are interesting. They were walking around empty tables and benches, like they own the place. Some of the bank branches in the area are always closed. Some of bank branches are open with shorter hours. Geese are big birds that walk on the roads, sidewalks, grass and near benches and tables. They walk kind of slowly and carefully and they are not afraid of humans. They are not spending energy to fly in the air. This slow walking helps them rest and relax. It is a beautiful warm weather day for these beautiful relaxing birds.


  1. Nice! If it weren't for social distancing, we may have seen some people sitting at the tables while staring in awe at these funny geese.

    1. The outside areas do look more empty than usual these days. More animals can walk around everywhere like geese, raccoons, foxes, skunks and so on. The tables had signs, like "sit far apart at tables." Now, geese walk around tables and benches very often.