Thursday, July 2, 2020

Try not to laugh or smile - funny raccoon compilation

Raccoons are pretty amazing fantastic funny animals. Some people see them as a threat. Some people think that they are funny and entertaining. Some people see them as dog-cat-ferret hybrids. Some people find baby raccoons and raised them. They become like dogs to them. They follow commands (come,sit, stay) as well as any dog. Raccoons are pretty intelligent animals. It was sad to see the raccoon who burnt his nose.

Here are some interesting translations:

English - Raccoon
Dutch - wasbeer
German - Waschbär
Russian - енот
French - raton laveur
Spanish - mapache
Portuguese - guaxinim
Swedish - tvättbjörn
Chinese - 狸
Japanese - ラクーン
Hindi - एक प्रकार का जानवर
Ukranian - єнот
Tamil - ரக்கூன்
Mongolian - элбэнх
Serbian - ракун
Finnish - pesukarhu
Polish - szop pracz
Georgian - რაკუნი
Greek - ρακούν
Italian - procione

In The Netherlands, raccoons are called: wasberen.  "Was", in Dutch, is the first person indicative of the verb, "wassen", (to wash).  Beren is the plural of the noun, "beer", bears. ("beer" is pronounced the same as in English - bear.)  So, this means raccoons are "washing bears." This is because they look like little bears that often  wash their food with their hands. It's really a charming fantastic translation.

The German is Waschbär. This also means wash and bear.

The French is raton laveur. "laveur" means "washer."

Some think that thievery is in raccoons gene. A raccoon can be the cat food little thief. They can walk perfectly on two legs (when they are holding something in their hands). They are like little robbers. Some raccoons are just friendly gentle fur balls that love to cuddle, hug and give kisses.

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