Sunday, November 22, 2020

How Is The GTA Coping With 2020's First Big Snowfall?

CityNews Toronto has interesting snow news. With some areas of the region seeing 15-20cms of snow, how are people coping? Maleeha Sheikh has more from those who braved the flurries and tried to be prepared for the winter ahead.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. It includes the City of Toronto and the regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. In total, the region contains 25 urban, suburban, and rural municipalities. The southwestern periphery of the Greater Toronto Area begins in Burlington in Halton Region, and extends along Lake Ontario past downtown Toronto eastward to Clarington in Durham Region. Durham Region holds the northernmost municipality in the GTA, although a number of municipalities in the northern periphery of Greater Toronto are situated in York Region.

You might have thought about what was the biggest snowfall in Canada.

1999: A snow record falls
Tahtsa Lake, B.C., set the record for the largest one-day snowfall measured in Canada on Feb. 11. About 145 centimetres fell in the remote area west of Prince George within a 24-hour period.

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