Thursday, February 10, 2022

CBC News: Easing COVID-19 restrictions, Protest convoy, Beijing 2022 gear

CBC News: The National in Canada gas great stories for Feb. 8, 2022.

Provinces unveil plans to ease, and even drop, COVID-19 restrictions. Kids in trucks complicate the police response to the Ottawa convoy protest. Plus, the high cost of Lululemon’s Olympic gear frustrates Team Canada fans.

00:00 The National for Feb. 8, 2022
01:08 Provinces easing COVID-19 restrictions
01:40 Alberta and Saskatchewan roll back restrictions
03:55 Quebec's timeline for easing restrictions 
04:20 P.E.I. and N.L. begin easing restrictions
04:50 Ottawa protest convoy drags on
07:10 Ambassador Bridge protest slows traffic
10:13 Protest at Alberta's Coutts border crossing
10:51 Canadian protests fuel U.S. culture wars
13:00 View from Kyiv amid Russian tensions 
15:30 Beijing 2022 pandemic pressure 
20:04 Protection after COVID-19 omicron infection
22:24 Return to activity could speed concussion recovery
25:37 B.C. doctors draw crowds with misinformation
35:05 Beijing 2022: Three to Watch
36:28 Lululemon’s Team Canada gear prices
39:02 P.E.I. potatoes exports resume to Puerto Rico
39:30 Slow rebuilding at the Lytton, B.C. fire 
42:06 The Moment

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