Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Ukraine crisis: NATO reinforces its eastern flank

DW News on Youtube shows the dialog and deterrence in the Ukraine crisis: This week kicked off with high-level meetings in Kyiv, Moscow, Washington and Berlin - a so-called flurry of talks that has kept hopes of an important diplomatic solution alive. 

But Eastern European countries, who feel most acutely threatened by Russia's military build-up, are not relying on discussions and the threat of sanctions to protect them. They've requested additional tough military support.

The US has responded by sending extra soldiers to NATO members Poland and Romania. The USA is sending two-thousand additional troops in total. Further north, Lithuania hopes it can persuade the USA to permanently station troops there - instead of rotating troops as it does now. Along with the USA, European NATO members have also been boosting their support of the alliance's certain eastern flank.

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