Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Canada is shocked! Ontario has never seen such snow in the spring

"Planet News" Channel is pretty interesting on Youtube.

Welcome to the disaster channel, today learn you about a sudden snow storm that hit Ontario, Canada on March 27, 2022.

While April is just around the corner, southern Ontario will face icy temperatures on Monday due to the melting of the bottom of the polar vortex over the Great Lakes.

Winter weather consultations are held in parts of southern Ontario ahead of snow squalls.

This wave of cold Arctic air stays more than 10°C below normal in late March and is likely to top some daily record low temperatures.

Low temperatures on Monday morning in northern Ontario dropped to -20, while parts of southern Ontario will see below-zero double digits and teens.

NW winds over Lake Huron will continue until Monday afternoon, with two strong squalls between Goderich and Port Elgin likely to close the road due to snow and snow.

If this storm spreads as far north and west as the models currently show, we could see a brief warm-up among teenagers in southern Ontario on Thursday.

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The storm path is favoring showers and short-term warming in southern Ontario, but for now it looks like some of the same regions that had ice on Wednesday are likely to experience freezing rain.

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