Sunday, May 17, 2020

Toronto: Photos of Restaurants in Lockdown

In May 2020, in Toronto restaurants have their dining areas closed. Tables and chairs cannot be used. Special signs are everywhere telling people to distance 2 meters from each other. There are also signs like, "Maximum 4 people inside store at a time." In some places, yellow caution tape is wrapped around tables. The tables outside are also wrapped up. Food delivery services are working, such as Uber Eats, which told employees to wear face masks starting May 18, 2020. Almost all restaurants closed their washrooms. Gas stations usually have washrooms that can be used. Gyms are also closed and people try to get exercise by walking, running and lifting weights in other rooms. Hopefully, restaurants will open, soon.


  1. I haven't heard much discussion around how to handle discrimination in these new settings. For example, say a homeless person is going into mcdonalnds, will they be denied? Will access to restaurants be face controlled by how clean you look? What if someone coughs?

    This kind of stuff is going to weird when restaurants start to re-open.

    1. Yeah, it sure is important if someone coughs or sneezes (or even farts as some have suggested). These things have to be minimized.

      "How clean you look" - yeah, this is important. I guess people can be put into 2 categories:
      1) Have washed
      2) Have not washed / dirty clothes

      Hopefully, the situation can be improved. Good luck to everyone.