Saturday, July 31, 2021

Canada: No demand for J&J vaccines from provinces, minister says

CBC News in Canada shows the interesting story: Procurement Minister Anita Anand joins Power & Politics to discuss the latest on the 10 million doses that Canada has ordered of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 'We have heard from the provinces that the demand isn't there for J&J vaccines.'


  1. yes there is a need for J&J in BC. I refuse to take any other vaccine.

    1. That's interesting. This vaccine indeed seems to be effective.

      Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is in limbo with no additional Canadian shipments planned

      The "1-dose" COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical division, Janssen, was heralded as an easy way to fully vaccinate Canadians. But after some problems at a USA manufacturing plant and cratering domestic demand for the product, there are now no plans to ship this vaccine to Canada.

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