Monday, August 2, 2021

Canada could be seeing the start of a delta variant-driven 4th wave

CBC News: The National in Canada shows that New Public Health Agency of Canada COVID-19 data shows an uptick that could be the start of a fourth wave, driven by the spread of the delta variant.


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  2. The news comes on the heels of an upward trend in cases across Canada which, if vaccine uptake doesn't increase, could eventually exceed

    1. The upward trend in Coronavirus cases is certainly unfortunate news. It would be nice to get more people vaccinated. Good luck, Canada and vaccinations.


      How Canada's 4th virus wave may impact the return to school

      As students head back to the classroom in the coming weeks, some experts and parents are expressing concern about rising Delta variant cases and how Canada's 4th dangerous virus wave of the pandemic may impact the return to school.

      Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch told CTV's Your Morning that creating an indoor environment that is safe for children is key in ensuring children can return to the classroom and easing concerns for parents.

      "Certainly when you put a ton of people into an indoor environment together, there's always the potential that COVID-19, especially this very contagious Delta variant, can take off," Bogoch said in an interview on Aug. 4.