Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Funny Skunk in backyard in Toronto

This Funny Skunk runs around in backyard in Toronto.

Keep in mind that in the wild, skunks live in farm fields, grasslands, forests. They are proficient diggers, but they prefer to use the abandoned burrows of other animals instead of creating their own. In urban settings, they have adapted to living near humans and raid garbage trash cans, gardens, outdoor pet food, and compost piles for food. They can run around in backyards.

Funny Skunks do various things in the daytime. The amazing animals usually spend their days sleeping in dens, although during the warm months they may bed in vegetation. Dens are usually below ground but may be found in a stream or pond banks, lumber piles, or beneath porches or in crawl spaces. During the colder winter months, several skunks will gather and share the same den.

Funny Skunks live in forest edges, woodlands, grasslands and deserts. They typically make their homes in abandoned burrows, but will also live in abandoned buildings, under large rocks and in big hollow logs.

It seems that skunks won't stay forever in your home and will be out and about by the end of summer. Once you are sure the skunks have moved out, cover up their entry and exit. Remember, skunks dig for food, so make sure that when you block their entry, the barrier continues approximately 6 inches below the soil. And remember: do not trap and relocate skunks.

Skunks are good for some things. Skunks are known for their ability to spray a strong smelling liquid to ward off predators. Although skunks are sometimes seen as a nuisance, they are actually beneficial to farmers, gardeners, and landowners because they feed on a large number of agricultural and garden pests.

It is likely illegal in your area to shoot skunks with pellet guns - if you own a pellet gun that requires no license, it's too weak to immediately kill any animal, and so it's cruelty to animals (which is illegal).

You might be thinking if it is bad to have a funny skunk in your yard. It seems that skunks do not pose a threat to your home or your lawn. In fact, they actually snack on critters that do. If you can manage the skunk population to keep numbers down, and if the creatures are healthy, a skunk or two in your area can benefit your lawn by keeping property-destroying animal populations at bay.

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