Thursday, April 23, 2020

Beneath the Massacre - Fearmonger

Beneath the Massacre is a Canadian extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec. Their debut album was: Evidence of Inequity: released in 2005, under Galy Records. In early 2006, the band signed with Prosthetic Records and has since released their first full-length album, Mechanics of Dysfunction, on the label on February 20, 2007.

Interestingly, they were also on the 2007 Radio Rebellion Tour along with Job for a Cowboy, Behemoth, and Gojira.

Beneath the Massacre is an interesting release by Fearmonger. Beneath the Massacre are one of the most technically proficient bands to come from the Quebec metal scene.

Fearmonger: Track Listing:

1 Rise of the Fearmonger 2:36
2 Hidden in Plain Sight 3:28
3 Of Gods and Machines 3:00
4 Treacherous 2:22
5 Autonomous Mind 3:18
6 Return to Medusa 2:45
7 Bottom Feeders 2:41
8 Absurd Hero 3:05
9 Flickering Light 3:15
10 Tarnished Legacy 3:31


Current members

Christopher Bradley - guitar (2004-present)
Dennis Bradley - bass (2004-present)
Elliot Desgagnés - vocals (2004-present)
Anthony Barone - drums (2019-present)

Former members

Christian Pepin - guitar (2004-2005)
Justin Rousselle - drums (2004-2011)
Patrice Hamelin - drums (2012-2019)


Studio albums

Mechanics of Dysfunction (2007)
Dystopia (2008)
Incongruous (2012)
Fearmonger (2020)

Extended plays

Evidence of Inequity (2005)
Marée Noire (2010)

Music Videos

"Society's Disposable Son" (2007)
"Rise of the Fearmonger" (2020)
"Treacherous" (2020)

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