Monday, April 13, 2020

Canada, Alberta: Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths: 44

Alberta's premier Jason Kenny along with health minister Tyler Shandro and Alberta Health Services chief program officer Jitendra Prasad held a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

Fortunately, Alberta will be able to contribute 750,000 N95 masks, 4.5 million procedural masks, and 30 million protective gloves to Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Alberta’s health minister Tyler Shandro said that the province’s healthcare system will be able to manage the peak of the virus, should the data continue to trend as it is.

Alberta's Coronavirus COVID-19 numbers certainly have surpassed B.C. total. Alberta now has more cases of COVID-19 than B.C. with more than a thousand in the Calgary Zone. There are now 1,651 presumptive or confirmed cases in Alberta with 82 new ones reported Sunday along with 4 new deaths.

These are total deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 in Canadian Provinces at April 13, 2020:

Ontario - 274
Quebec - 328
Alberta - 44
British Columbia - 58
Nova Scotia - 2
Saskatchewan - 4
Manitoba - 4
Newfoundland and Labrador - 3
New Brunswick - 0
Prince Edward Island - 0
Yukon - 0
Northwest Territories - 0
Nunavut - 0

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