Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ontario stops non-critical industrial construction to fight Coronavirus Covid-19

The Ontario government is shutting down most construction work in the province for the next 2 weeks. All industrial construction, except critical projects, will be stopped to help fight the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Toronto has very many construction sites. Some complain that certain roads become closed due to construction. Your GPS might think those roads are open. Residential carpentry and outside construction stops during rain and snow storms. A lot of thinking goes into the designs of houses. The houses serve their purpose.


  1. Ontario announced the shut down of the industrial construction industry in the province on Friday. This means big changes. Many residential construction projects are on hold.

    Until April 2, all construction was considered an essential business and allowed to stay open.

    Residential projects "near completion" can continue.

    Good luck with your construction jobs, everyone!

    Hopefully, we can win the battle against the virus as soon as possible.

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