Thursday, January 9, 2020

Jenn Grant - Love, Inevitable

Jenn Grant has released her 7th interesting album titled Love, Inevitable. This great album sounds good with Grant's talented voice gliding through each song. Love, Inevitable was recorded last summer in Portland, Oregon. It shows through the breezy and windy feel to this artist's music.

Love, Inevitable - Song Tracks:

1. Raven 3:39
2. Our Love 4:11
3. Keep a Light On 3:06
4. Arizona 4:44
5. Favourite Daughter 4:45
6. Magic and Mistakes 4:33
7. Sweet Grass 3:58
8. Bird at Midnight 3:53
9. Lost in Our Wishes 7:03
10. Lay Me Down 3:24


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