Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Madchild - Demons

Shane Bunting is better known by his stage name Madchild. He is a Canadian rapper. He is part of the Vancouver-based hip hop group Swollen Members. In 2009, he released a solo EP entitled The Madchild EP.

Demons (released in Apr 2019) is a pretty interesting album by MadChild. It is through Battle Axe Records. It is Hip Hop. The demons video has some pretty crazy things like MadChild burning a stack of $100 bills. The women are always beautiful in his videos. Some of the raps sound... childish. A lot of the lyrics are quite humorous. You can sure get that he actually smokes a lot of weed and other drugs as main hobbies.
Intro 0:27
Brainstorm 3:21
Han Solo 3:17
Demons 3:25
Watergate 3:45
Times Change 4:00
Death Race 4:14
My Turn (Interlude) 0:18
Dreaded Force 3:38
No Separation 3:54
Follow 3:46
Cold Blooded 3:11
Soiled In Regret 3:04
Forget About You 4:31
Rocket Fuel 2:20
Terror 5:30

Copyright (c) Battle Axe Records
Mixed At - The Drug Lab

Artwork [Cover] - Jason Hutton
Compiled By, Arranged By, Mastered By - Rob The Viking
Design [Cover] - Damone Osbourne
Design [Packaging] - Neph
Executive-Producer - Ivory Daniel, Kevin Zinger, Shane Ralph
Mixed By - Federico "C Sik" Lopez

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