Thursday, June 25, 2020

Properly company wants to expand to more Canadian cities

Properly is a new company that helps people with issues about home sales. The issues could be untimely house showings and expensive repairs. This fantastic useful platform uses machine learning to help homeowners determine what their home would sell for on the open market. There is an interesting option to sell directly to Properly and close quickly. The company offers its users a price match guarantee. This means that if the home sells for more than Properly’s offer, 50 percent of the difference is certainly refunded to the hopeful customer.

Properly was founded in 2018. Properly Headquarters are in Canada: Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. The official website of Properly is

Properly says that it is the end-to-end "buy and sell" partner. It works in an interesting way.

Step 1: Get an informative cash offer to sell your home directly to Properly. People are encouraged to skip the hassle of listing, showings, and repairs. These numbers should be about 99% accurate based on 125,000+ sold homes. You can use the offer to determine your buying budget.

Step 2: Successfuly find your new home with a Client Advisor. You could tour any home on the market with a Properly Client Advisor (like a realtor, however Properly says that they have "superpowers"). Properly helps you go from A-to-Z from your first home visit to closing.

Step 3: Choose the correct close date and move on your needed schedule. Sell your current home to Properly and move into your new home. Choose your wanted close date to avoid overlapping mortgages.

Learn more details about how it works here:

Full service is tailored for the customer's needs.

Here would be the advantages to using this service:

- Trusted advisor on your side: the Properly Client Advisor. This is a top-reviewed agent with neighbourhood expertise and certified negotiation skills.

- Sell your home as is. You could skip listings, showings, and cleaning.

- Unlock your home’s equity. Use our cash offer to achieve the needed financing for your new home.

- Benefit from the Properly network. Access their team of experts including mortage brokers, home inspectors, and lawyers.

- Profit Share Guarantee. 50% of the profit is passed back to you if they sell your home for more than your cash offer plus improvements.

- Avoid overlapping mortages. You coud choose any close date. Avoid moving twice and sleeping on somebody else's couch.

Canadian startup Properly certainly offers new ways of buying and selling homes. However, uncertain market conditions in places like Calgary could have some people worried Properly's arrival. Properly is an interesting startup tech company specializing in real estate.

Properly is called by some, an institutional buyer or "iBuyer." It is also known as a direct buyer. Algorithms are used to determine the market value of a home. An initial offer can be made to buy the property directly from the homeowner within 48 hours. It seems that the whole process can be completed in a week. The seller can set the closing date.

Properly persuades people by saying that its process can save time and reduce stress.

Some people sell their house to Properly and pay a service fee of almost 7% on the transaction.

Properly currently operates in Calgary and Ottawa. The company is making an effort to expand to every Canadian city.

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