Thursday, June 18, 2020

Snakes of Ontario, Canada

This is an interesting collection of highlights showcasing the various native species of snakes found in Ontario, Canada. It's fascinating to identify these snakes. You might have encountered some of these animals.

One of Ontario's snakes is called the massasauga. The massasauga is a rattlesnake species found in midwestern North America from southern Ontario to northern Mexico and parts of the USA in between. 3 subspecies are currently recognized.

Ontario has interesting snakes like:

Timber Rattlesnake Crotalus horridus
Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus
Rat Snake Elaphe obsoleta
Fox Snake Elaphe vulpina
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake Heterodon platirhinos
Milksnake Lampropeltis triangulum
Northern Water Snake Nerodia sipedon
Massasauga Sistrurus catenatus

There are 17 species of snakes in Ontario. Of these, the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake seems to be the only venomous snake. However,  others may easily be mistaken for one because of their similar snake markings.

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