Thursday, October 29, 2020 - Canadian National Trappers Alliance Forums

This Canadian Trappers Forum is pretty interesting. Take a look at fascinating popular discussions, such as: trapper keeper, rdr2 trapper locations, trapper john md, trapper hat, trapper john, monster trapper, trapper locations rdr2 and old trapper beef jerky. Find the best Trapper Locations, Legendary Pelts and Outfits.

A "trapper" is a person who traps wild animals, especially for their useful fur. See Forum Topics of Taxidermy & Tanning.

The Top Types of Fur are pretty amazing. Long-haired furs, such as fox, and those with dense under-furs (like beaver, mink, chinchilla) are really esteemed for their warmth factor. Beaver, possum, and raccoon are valued for their affordability and durability. Falling into the lower price ranges are "bulk" or more common furs (such as rabbit and hare).

It seems that beaver garments are the single most important Canadian fur garment exported. Many Canadian families rely on beaver, muskrat, lynx and other wild furbearing animals for food as well as dollar income.

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