Friday, November 26, 2021

BC floods: Environment Canada issues red-level alert as province braces for more storms

Global News in Canada shows the possibility of more storms.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Armel Castellan at Environment and Climate Change Canada said on Friday that the department issued a red-level weather alert for British Columbia as more storms are expected to hit the province during the weekend and upcoming week.

Castellan said the alert is particularly due to the vulnerabilities on the ground, especially in areas still recovering from previous storms.

The first red-level alert in years is being issued as two back-to-back storms are expected to hit the province. The first storm will bring heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday, and the second will strike next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Between 60 and 80 millimetres could fall in Gibson and the areas from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. Up to 100 mm could fall closer to the mountains in the Lower Mainland, while Squamish could see up to 120 mm.

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