Sunday, November 14, 2021

COVID-19: What to expect when you cross the Canada-USA border

Global News in Canada shows that with the USA border now open to non-essential travel for fully-vaccinated individuals, people can hop across for a 1-day trip or longer if they choose.

But if you're planning to cross, there's a few rules you'll need to be aware of including when you will need a COVID-19 test and how long you might have to wait.

Joe Scarpelli takes a look at what you need to know and what he went through when he made his own trip to the USA and back into Canada.

The global COVID-19 pandemic had a deep impact on the Canadian economy, leading it into a recession. The governments' social distancing rules had the effect of limiting economic activity in the country. Companies started considering mass-layoffs of workers, which was largely prevented by the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. But despite these efforts, Canada's unemployment rate was 13.5% in May 2020, the highest it has been since 1976.

Many large-scale events that planned to take place in 2020 in Canada were cancelled or delayed. This includes all major sporting and artistic events. Canada's tourism and air travel sectors were hit especially hard due to travel restrictions. Some farmers feared a labour shortfall and bankruptcy.

COVID-19 affected certain consumer behaviours. In the early stages of the pandemic, Canadian grocery stores were the site of large-scale so-called panic buying which lead to many empty shelves. By the end of March, most stores were closed to walk-in customers with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies, which implemented strong social distancing rules in their premises. These rules were also implemented in other Canadian businesses as they began to re-open in the following months.

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  1. Your vaccination status only changes your risk of catching COVID-19 and becoming ill. It doesn't change your risk of exposure to the virus out in the community.

    Different situations may shift your personal risk level or that within your household.