Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New Western Canadian virus variant no cause for concern: Hinshaw

CTV News in Canada shows that there are reports of a new western-Canadian variant of COVID-19, but Dr. Hinshaw said it isn't a cause for concern.

It seems that 2 new types of the COVID-19 virus Delta plus variant are emerging in Western Canada.

The warning came during a physician town hall on November 4, when Dr. Jessica Minion, a medical microbiologist with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, told fellow doctors about two new variants of Delta called AY.25 and AY.27.

"This strain likely emerged in the USA, in the Midwest, but then once it came to Canada [...] it was noticeably different and quite separate," Minion said.

"When we say Canada we really mean Western Canada [...]. We warned people that uncontrolled spread is going to lead to evolution of the virus. You give it enough opportunities to pass through enough people you're going to get something unique to western Canada and this is what it is."

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