Monday, December 28, 2020

Cat Pranked By Big Cat Mask

You will enjoy this funny big amazing human-cat. See the real cat's reaction to a big copy of his face in a mask. A fantastic fascinating big cat/human breathes and moves.

Pusic the Cat is a bit at a loss: is this really his copy or a distorting mirror?

Some people wonder: are cats smarter than most dogs? This is kind of a never-ending debate between cat and dog owners. There are various reasons for each side of the argument.

Science has various research on this matter of cats and dogs. Animal intelligence research shows that dogs are generally seen as smarter because they’re much more trainable.

Cats really kind of have a mind of their own and often refuse to participate in meaningless tasks simply to please their owners. Cats ignore people sometimes because they don’t feel the need to acknowledge you. Dogs seem to be the more social animal. Cats are more independent and prefer to do things for themselves. These fantastic animals seem to be in different categories of intelligence.

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