Friday, February 26, 2021

Canada: Quebec plans for COVID-19 'immunity passports'

CBC News shows that Quebec (Canada) plans to introduce 'immunity passports' at some point in time, which will allow people to prove they've been vaccinated and make it simpler to travel and perhaps even open some sectors of the struggling economy. However, the new concept is controversial. Some leaders call it divisive and discriminatory.

Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 may soon be a requirement for airline or cruise ship passengers for traveling. Some companies (such as in the USA) have come forward saying they will require such proof (so called "immunity passports"). Some employers could perhaps require vaccinations, as well, in the future.

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  1. That's interesting. Keep in mind, some people may have actually immunity (even without a vaccine). Immunity passports (or vaccination passports) or immunity certificates are interesting ways to label people.

    An immunity passport is not the same as a vaccination record (also called a vaccination certificate), which is a record proving someone has received certain vaccines. It can be found in the medical records of the clinic where the vaccines were given. The Carte Jaune ("yellow card") is an official vaccination record issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has been argued that the primary difference is that vaccination certificates such as the Carte Jaune incentivise individuals to obtain vaccination against a disease, while immunity passports incentivise individuals to get infected with and recover from a disease.

    Good luck, Canada and USA and other countries in the world.

    "Forcing people to get vaccines" - probably not going to happen.