Sunday, February 14, 2021

Don Amero - The Next Chapter

Canadian Music: 2020: Don Amero - The Next Chapter

This music album was released on September 25.

The Next Chapter (EP) is the Music Genre of Country.

The Next Chapter is an extended play by Canadian country artist Don Amero. It features the singles "Music Lover", "Morning Coffee", "Wouldn't Be Home", and "Wasn't the Dress".

Track List of Songs:

1. "Wouldn't Be Home" 2:50
2. "Morning Coffee" 3:28
3. "Wasn't the Dress" 2:49
4. "Music Lover" 3:21
5. "One That You Want Back" 3:05
6. "Everybody Wants Something" 3:17
7. "On Down the Road" 1:39

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