Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Evening Hymns - Heavy Nights

Canadian Music: 2020: Evening Hymns - Heavy Nights

This music album was released in 2020.

Evening Hymns is a Canadian indie folk rock band, whose core member is singer and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta. The remainder of the band consists of a rotating collective of musicians, including members of Ohbijou, The Wooden Sky, The Burning Hell, The D'Urbervilles and Forest City Lovers. 

Tracklist of Songs:

1 I Can Only Be Good 4:19
2 Heavy Nights 4:26
3 Pyrenees 5:15
4 The Days Disintegrating 5:28
5 You In My Dreams 4:13
6 My Drugs, My Dreams 5:30
7 Kiss My Dreams 5:47
8 Halfway To The Moon 3:16

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