Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Louis-Jean Cormier - Quand la nuit tombe

Canadian Music: 2020: Louis-Jean Cormier - Quand la nuit tombe

This music album was released in 2020.

Translation: French - English: Quand la nuit tombe - When the night falls

Louis-Jean Cormier is an interesting Canadian indie rock singer and songwriter. Formerly associated with the band Karkwa, since that band went on hiatus in 2012 he has released 3 albums as a solo artist and was a judge on the second season of the television singing competition La Voix. 

Tracklist of Songs:

100 Mètres Haies 3:40 (English: 100 Meter Hurdles)
Tout Tombe À Sa Place 5:02 (English: Everything Falls In Its Place)
J'ai Monté 3:37 (English: I Went Up)
Les Poings Ouverts 4:48 (English: Open Fists)
Croire En Rien 4:05 (English: Believe In Nothing)
Face Au Vent 3:25 (English: Facing the Wind)
Je Me Moi 4:55 (English: I Me Me)
Ravin 4:47 (English: Ravine)
Toi Aussi 4:54 (English: You Too)
La Photo 4:39 (English: Photo)

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